The problem of inbox clutter is eternal. Various solutions on the market today don’t solve this problem, and according to Gartner, 82% of users are not satisfied with the solutions they have installed. 5 Tips on How to Keep Your Inbox Clutter-Free

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Vade Secure suggests 5 tips on how to keep your inbox clutter-free during this fun and hectic time of the year. And always.

1. Route graymail (low-priority emails) to a special Inbox

Every day 108,7 billions business emails are sent and received. According to McKinsey Institute, employees spend 28% of their day reading and answering email, due to the fact they have to work their way to high-priority emails through graymail.

Graymail messages are low-priority but still valuable; they include advertisement, newsletters, social networks and online dating websites notifications, forum messages and mailing lists. During the holiday season the percentage of the graymail you receive will grow. Instead of manually cleaning your inbox of emails from advertising campaigns, you can use a graymail management solution that will keep your inbox clean for high-priority emails by directing marketing campaigns to a dedicated folder. You can always refer to them at your leisure. Graymail classification organizes a user’s inbox and sustains its long-term use.

Special corporate email use tips: creating a separate folder for the emails, in which you are cc’d is definitely worth it, as such emails are sent in order to inform you about something; they don’t always require immediate action. Moreover, for a number of users “CC” emails are considered as “corporate graymail”.

2. Turn off social media notifications

Social media notifications occupy a huge chunk of space in our inboxes. Yahoo Inboxes are 9% filled with social media notifications, Gmail ones – 10%[1], and – 27%!   Today social media platforms have an option that allows users to turn off social media notifications. We strongly recommend you to use this feature. It will decrease the number of low-priority emails that are piling up in your inbox. If you have a good email classification solution you don’t have to bother with management settings. Advanced Graymail management solutions allow users to unsubscribe from notifications with one click, without navigating to every single social media platform.

3. Unsubscribe from the recent promotional and marketing emails

Make sure to unsubscribe from promotional and marketing emails you received recently. It might be a bit time-consuming, as you need to open every promotional email and navigate to the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email. Some email filtering solutions allow you to stop receiving marketing emails from various senders with only one click. You can send the emails that contain the word “unsubscribe” to a dedicated folder and look through them when family and friends are gone.

4. Create a dedicated email address for your online purchases

Creating a separate email address for all of your online purchases is a well-tried remedy that will prevent you from being bombarded with marketing emails during the holidays. It is very efficient, especially if you don’t have an email filtering solution installed.

5. Relax