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Vade Secure Cloud

Vade Secure Cloud, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, protects emails against all threats from the first attack, using an analysis of origin, contents and context. This solution was developed to significantly improve user experience and security by eliminating all undesired emails (spam, scams, phishing and malware) and non-priority (newsletters and advertising).

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Vade Secure Gateway

By analyzing the origin, contents and context of emails, Vade Secure Gateway uses machine learning and AI to protect emails against all threats from the first attack. Manage your infrastructure, and benefit from Gateway’s performance to protect emails against all threats.

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Companies who are currently protected by Vade Secure:

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Products for ISP’s and telecoms

Email Content Filtering

The best predictive defense solution on the email security market. A combination of developed technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, heuristic algorithms, predictive models, Real Time Reputation, exploring URL’s and domain names, detection using counter-measures.

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IsItPhishing API

Explores URL’s and attachments at the time of click (TimeOfClick) which helps your users to protect against known and unknown phishing.

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Graymail Classification

Thanks to artificial intelligence, heuristic algorithms (over 10,000 rules), header recognition and dynamic analysis of the IP reputation and the reputation of URL’s, the Graymail Classification product allo0ws your users to explore a non-priority email space in a completely transparent way, separating social notes, advertising, forum messages and receipt of bulk emails.

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Safe Unsubscribe

Unsubscribing with 1 click is provided to all your users. Safe Unsubscribe also verifies the URL’s for unsubscribing to ensure that your users’ emails are protected.

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