Email needs to be more than just a cost-center and a support headache

Hosting Companies or ISP can use great email as a strategic weapon to win new customers, keep current ones, and avoid being stuck in commodity pricing hell.

Hosting Companies or ISP : Email is a bittersweet essential in the business of providing Internet service.

Your customers love email.

Email is critical. It is the most used internet-enabled service for virtually all of your customers. It is the linchpin of their professional and personal lives.

Your customers hate email.

Email is a massive hassle. It is filled with spam, dangerous phishing emails, malware and low-priority commercial communications (graymail). Plus, a rapidly growing number of highly sophisticated spear phishing attempts can cause massive financial and personal harm.

Email hassles cost YOU money, time and customers.

Dealing with email problems is a daily reality for ISPs and email resellers / hosts.

Email is a cost center impacting:

  • Technical support staff
  • System administrator time
  • Legal liabilities
  • Lowered customer satisfaction and renewal rates.

These costs are especially problematic in a sector that’s all too often seen as a commodity. It’s hard to raise pricing sufficiently to cover anything more than “standard” service.

Hard Costs of Email Threats and Nuisances

It costs money to give customers a good email user experience.

Obvious costs include:

  • Software licenses
  • Infrastructure and administrative time to oversee the anti-spam and anti-phishing systems
  • Managing email threats in customer service and technical support budgets.

Opportunity Costs of Email Security

But the biggest costs, by far, of lackluster email are opportunity costs:

  • Lost sales
  • Customer churn
  • Being forced into commodity pricing.

Spectacular email represents a massive opportunity: new sales, higher renewal rates, and differentiated pricing power.

What is an ISP or Email Reseller / Host To Do?

The answer lies in automated services that eliminate the hassles, pain, and support call requests in the first place.

  • Happier customers do not need to be placated.
  • Customers who were never exposed to an email threat do not require help recovering from it.
  • Legal threats are not made from those suffering no damages.

Every email reseller / host or ISP needs either a complete suite of email protections or specific point solutions that layer over current email systems:

  • Anti-Phishing/Spear Phishing
  • Anti-Malware
  • Anti-SpamGraymail Management

People want good email.

It’s the #1 business and personal communications tool. For instance, Gartner revealed that that 96% of email users want better protection against phishing attacks. If you can deliver, you can play to the overwhelming segment of the market that is demanding this kind of security enhancement.

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