Just in Time for Halloween: A Ransomware Horror Story and How You Can Get the Best Ransomware Protection Software

Ransomware has made a few major appearances in the global media this year. You may remember the WannaCry virus, which not only targeted large corporations, but temporarily locked the network of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service hospitals. Reports of medical chaos, including crippled emergency rooms and delayed medical procedures, sent a shiver down the spine of every IT manager who saw them.

Or, you may remember that a month after WannaCry, a ransomware called Petya infected the networks of multiple companies around the globe. The pharmaceutical company Merck, Danish shipping company Maersk, and Russian oil giant Rosnoft were all infected. Petya hit Ukraine the hardest, disrupting power companies, airports, public transit, and the central bank. Governments around the world watched with sweaty palms.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is malicious software, or malware, that infiltrates a victim’s computer or device and encrypts all the files on the device that it can access. Until the ransom is paid the files are inaccessible. Sometimes, hackers will add an additional blackmail threat of publicly releasing sensitive data. The vector for ransomware is overwhelmingly an email that convinces users to click on a malicious link or a malicious attachment.