Gift Card Scams: A Spear Phishing Attack Hits Close to Home

At Vade Secure, we’re no strangers to spear phishing attacks. Our email security solutions identify these threats all the time for customers, thanks to our ability to detect not only exact sender or domain spoofing but visible alias spoofing and cousin domains. Recently, though, I came across a spear phishing attack that hit a little too close to home. That’s because I was the target!

Malware Analysis, Part 1: Understanding Code Obfuscation Techniques

In a preceding article, we conducted a study on a malicious email and noted that code could be executed when attachments were opened. Today we will focus on these malicious codes that are executed. We will come to understand what they are doing and what techniques are used to complicate the work of analysts and to bypass protections.

Deceptive spam: the painless attack which uses email marketing codes

Email is known to be the vector of serious threats like phishing, which target credentials; spear-phishing, which usurps the identity of a colleague with the sole aim of inducing a fraudulent wire transfer or sharing of sensitive data; or malwares, which compromise the security of your information system.

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