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Proliferation of data leaks and security breaches of unprecedented complexity: what to remember about cybercrime in 2018

Hem (59), December xx, 2018 - Vade Secure, the French software publisher and world specialist in email security (500 million protected mailboxes in 76 countries), reviews the major cybersecurity news of the past year and gives its predictions for 2019.

Deceptive spam: the painless attack which uses email marketing codes

Email is known to be the vector of serious threats like phishing, which target credentials; spear-phishing, which usurps the identity of a colleague with the sole aim of inducing a fraudulent wire transfer or sharing of sensitive data; or malwares, which compromise the security of your information system.

What solutions do SOCs have to combat phishing?

SIEMs is intimately linked to the specific hierarchy of collection agents, the choice of priorities for the inspection of events and the weighting of anomalies. The work of administrators is essential to develop a system profile and to identify abnormal operating conditions. Indeed, a statistical correlation engine, even the most powerful, will not yield any usable results if the tool is not correctly calibrated.

Artificial intelligence takes over to effectively protect emails and the enterprise

Artificial Intelligence to the rescue of emails, following more and more sophisticated attacks the protection tools of your email must evolve. How the AI ​​further improves the protection of your email.

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