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Are You an Hosting Company or ISP? You Need Exceptional Email

Email needs to be more than just a cost-center and a support headache Hosting Companies or ISP can use great email as a strategic weapon to win new customers, keep current ones, and avoid being stuck in commodity pricing hell. Hosting Companies or ISP : Email is a bittersweet essential in the business of providing Internet [...]

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Vade Secure Unveils Next-Generation Email Management To The US

  Unlike Spam, Graymail are solicited and legitimate marketing e-mails (newsletters, ads, event reminders, social networks notifications…). In the business world, it is responsible for 50% of all emails in a user’s primary inbox. It’s time to clean it all up, with Vade Secure’s unique Graymail management solution. Vade Secure Unveils Next-Generation Email Management To [...]