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Email Protection: Voter Registration Databases Hacked

The US presidential election will soon be over. Email security and other cybersecurity issues have been making headlines throughout the race. As we near the actual election, there is evidence that multiple states have had their voter registration systems infiltrated. Word 2016 ELECTIONS written on white dices with flag of United States of America [...]

Spear Phishing and Ransomware – a Toxic Match Made in Hacker Heaven

A Ransomware attack features a hacker installing malware on your device that either encrypts your data or locks you out. In large-scale attacks, whole corporate networks and data repositories can be held up for ransom. The attacker extorts money from the victim in exchange for unlocking their data or device. Ransomware is a serious, growing [...]

Vade Secure Unveils Next-Generation Email Management To The US

  Unlike Spam, Graymail are solicited and legitimate marketing e-mails (newsletters, ads, event reminders, social networks notifications…). In the business world, it is responsible for 50% of all emails in a user’s primary inbox. It’s time to clean it all up, with Vade Secure’s unique Graymail management solution. Vade Secure Unveils Next-Generation Email Management To [...]

Analysis of an Active Malware Campaign

A major malware campaign is beeing conducted since several weeks. Beyond the facts, that is the operating mode that draws our attention as it demonstrates the growing sophistication of spammers. Following the example of fast flux service networks, spammers have set up a mechanism to increase the availability of resources involved in the spread of the malware, which eventually maximizes their return on investment.