Email Protection: The best defense against Brazil’s latest live scam

Email protection is more important than ever as new scams seem to pop up every day. Between the business email compromise (BEC), fake Dropbox login pages, and QR code scams, phishing attacks are occurring all the time. And they are becoming increasingly damaging. Although these scams all seem to be fundamentally different, they all have [...]

Phishing Protection: The latest Dropbox phishing scam

Phishing protection is essential for every company. At this point most people (and spam filters) can identify the obvious “Nigerian Prince” style scams, but things are getting more complicated. Hackers are more advanced than ever and standard email phishing protections can no longer keep up with these sophisticated attacks. A recent Dropbox phishing scam proves [...]

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Defending Against Phishing Attacks

There may be no feeling less comfortable in modern life than the moment you panic about clicking on a link that appears to activate something very bad on your device. The five stages of grief follow in a few brief seconds: Anger (How could I be so stupid?) Denial (Maybe it’s nothing…) Bargaining (I promise [...]

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Phishing Awareness Training: 8 Things Your Employees Should Understand

Over 90% of all network breaches are caused by, or include, a phishing attack. What can you do to protect your organization? We recommend that you start with technical measures like our email security suite, but that’s not the only step you should take. No system is 100% effective and your employees can also put [...]

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Spear Phishing and Ransomware – a Toxic Match Made in Hacker Heaven

A Ransomware attack features a hacker installing malware on your device that either encrypts your data or locks you out. In large-scale attacks, whole corporate networks and data repositories can be held up for ransom. The attacker extorts money from the victim in exchange for unlocking their data or device. Ransomware is a serious, growing [...]

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Phishing Attacks Can Come From Anywhere

The proliferation of social media and cloud based tools in everyone’s business and personal lives means that an ever-increasing percentage of your inbox is filled with emails that were generated from these disparate platforms. In addition to emails from Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter, many people receive a steady stream of notifications from project management tools, [...]

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Phishing News: QR Code Phishing Scheme

New Phishing Scheme Detected Vade Retro detected on May 30th what we believe is an entirely new type of phishing scheme: QR codes embedded in an email that lead unwary users to a phishing site that logs their credentials. So far, we have only seen this phishing scheme on email servers in France, but we [...]

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