Seeking Effective Office 365 Phishing Protection

One of the more irritating aspects of being hacked is dealing with the attacker’s sense of humor. It’s not enough for a malicious actor to steal your data or ruin your IT assets. If it’s not something dumb, like malware named after Los Pollos Hermanos (The Chickens’ Brothers), a restaurant from TV’s “Breaking Bad,” it’s [...]

Phishing Attacks Can Come From Anywhere

The proliferation of social media and cloud based tools in everyone’s business and personal lives means that an ever-increasing percentage of your inbox is filled with emails that were generated from these disparate platforms. In addition to emails from Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter, many people receive a steady stream of notifications from project management tools, [...]

Phishing News: QR Code Phishing Scheme

New Phishing Scheme Detected Vade Retro detected on May 30th what we believe is an entirely new type of phishing scheme: QR codes embedded in an email that lead unwary users to a phishing site that logs their credentials. So far, we have only seen this phishing scheme on email servers in France, but we [...]

Why Do We Take the [Phishing] Bait?

Psychology of Phishing? The main psychological weakness exploited by phishing is our basic need to be kind to people we consider friends. Learn more about the psychology of phishing.

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