Spam – non-priority emails

Deceptive spam: the painless attack which uses email marketing codes

Email is known to be the vector of serious threats like phishing, which target credentials; spear-phishing, which usurps the identity of a colleague with the sole aim of inducing a fraudulent wire transfer or sharing of sensitive data; or malwares, which compromise the security of your information system.

Meet us at RSA 2017!

Discover the latest technology, learn about new approaches to security, and meet Vade Secure at RSA 2017! RSA is next week from February 13-17 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Meet us in Moscone North at booth #5014 near the sponsor meeting suites. Are hackers phishing with your brand? Find out at our booth! [...]

Email Protection: The best defense against Brazil’s latest live scam

Email protection is more important than ever as new scams seem to pop up every day. Between the business email compromise (BEC), fake Dropbox login pages, and QR code scams, phishing attacks are occurring all the time. And they are becoming increasingly damaging. Although these scams all seem to be fundamentally different, they all have [...]

[Infographic] 10 Years of Spam

Malicious attacks today are numerous but, luckily, remain preventable with the right tools. Botnets, a phenomenon in which a hacker takes control of many machines that are not his or her own, has made the growth of malicious activity much easier. A typical botnet attack includes Spam and Malware mass email campaigns. Unsurprisingly, the overall [...]

Vade Secure achieves worldwide leadership on Graymail Management through strategic partnership

Cisco and Vade Secure signed an OEM agreement to manage e-subscriptions and improve email classification for a better user experience in their Secure Email Gateway. Vade Secure achieves worldwide leadership on Graymail Management SAN FRANCISCO, CA – JUNE, 2015 – Vade Secure, the leader in graymail management and email security, is pleased to announce that Cisco [...]

Vade Secure Unveils Next-Generation Email Management To The US

  Unlike Spam, Graymail are solicited and legitimate marketing e-mails (newsletters, ads, event reminders, social networks notifications…). In the business world, it is responsible for 50% of all emails in a user’s primary inbox. It’s time to clean it all up, with Vade Secure’s unique Graymail management solution. Vade Secure Unveils Next-Generation Email Management To [...]

Analysis of an Illegal Online Pharmacy

The economic model of spammers is partly based on online stores for drugs purchase - such as the famous Viagra - but also replicas of luxury items. These shops are obviously illegal: copyright violations, submitting fake certificates and fake certifications...

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