Spear Phishing

Anatomy of a Spear Phishing Email

When is the last time you scrutinized an email? From the sender’s name to the subject line, time stamp, salutation, body, and signature? If you’re like most busy working people, the answer is probably “never.” [...]

AI in Cybersecurity: How Hackers Are Helping Machines

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. Or is it? According to MIT Sloan Management Review, only one in 20 companies has extensively incorporated AI into their solutions. These numbers are surprising considering it seems every company claims to use AI. In many cases, this is little more than “AI-washing” of existing technologies to jump on the AI bandwagon. Still, cybersecurity companies are using AI in meaningful ways outside the marketing department.

What solutions do SOCs have to combat phishing?

SIEMs is intimately linked to the specific hierarchy of collection agents, the choice of priorities for the inspection of events and the weighting of anomalies. The work of administrators is essential to develop a system profile and to identify abnormal operating conditions. Indeed, a statistical correlation engine, even the most powerful, will not yield any usable results if the tool is not correctly calibrated.

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