The email experience at DreamHost has never been better, Vade Secure's teams have fully understood our long-term vision to improve the performance of our messaging. Their technology has allowed DreamHost to greatly enhance the user experience. Micah Sachs Dreamhost

We provide a platform that is easy to use and manage, without the need for on-premises hardware. The results are excellent. No Locky has penetrated  our filters. In addition to security, Vade Secure also helps with performance, thanks to its management functions and email classification that identify illegitimate emails François Tailhades Paris Fire Brigade Brigade

With the intention of always bringing more innovative solutions to our customers, we are delighted to be able to integrate Vade Secure protection into our messaging infrastructure. Pierre Ourdouillé OVH

 Since implementing Vade Secure we have gone from spam being a number one problem to having it well under control. Previously, we had daily calls to discuss unwanted and malicious emails, whereas we now have just one weekly of which this is just one part of the agenda. We’ve even seen some cases of customers [...]

Spam can significantly hinder a company’s activity. In 2017, our CEO reached a huge volume of nearly 40 spam emails received every day. An influx of unwanted emails makes the use of mailboxes very complicated, in addition to the increased risk of being caught by fraudulent emails. Since installing the Vade Secure filtering solution, spam [...]

Vade Secure has helped us to eliminate all the spam that we have received. This is a significant benefit to us, because spam represented up to 80% of emails sent to our email boxes 10 years ago. Alain Gestin, technical architect of the IT system at the Hospital Center Métropole Savoie