Our Latest Email Security Newsletter Featuring Gartner Research

We worked with Gartner to produce another Email Security Newsletter. This newsletter includes our analysis on how to best secure cloud-based email and features Gartner’s Market Guide for Secure Email Gateways.

According to the Gartner research included in the Market Guide, we are at a moment of synthesis between cloud-based email solutions and increasingly sophisticated email-borne security threats. While most cloud-based email solutions come with some type of security features, the fact is, they are not enough to combat the ever-evolving threat landscape. Organizations must use complementary email security solutions backed by artificial intelligence to truly defend themselves.

Built-in security solutions are not enough to combat the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Cloud-Based Email and the Shifting Threat Landscape

Industry research states that 93% of organizations already use cloud services, and that number is expected to continue to increase. The use of these services is unavoidable but does leave your organization vulnerable to sophisticated attacks. Email remains the #1 attack vector for cyber threats, so it is critical that they find security solutions that can protect them from all types of security threats including:


Built-In Cloud Security Just Doesn’t Cut It

These threats have evolved to evade standard signature-based email defenses. Threats that used to be zero-day have evolved into zero-second threats, changing polymorphically with every iteration. Previous security solutions are no longer sufficient. Organizations must protect themselves with complementary solutions that defend against these evolving attacks.

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Securing Cloud-Based Email

Although a 99.99% catch rate sounds good, given the sheer volume of emails businesses receive each day, that 0.01% is still huge. Even just one malicious email can wreak havoc on an organization, resulting in data loss, reputational damage, and lost operational time.

Given the sheer number of emails that organizations receive each day, a 99.99% catch rate just isn’t good enough.

By securing cloud-based email using complementary solutions, like those offered by Vade Secure, organizations can further increase the catch rate of malicious emails from 99.99% to 99.9999%. It may not be possible to stop every malicious email, but organizations must do better than stopping one in a thousand.


A New Approach

Companies are beginning to understand the importance of email security and are looking for “lean” cloud-based SEG solutions to work with their “fat” on-premise SEG solutions. The lean SEG handles basic filtering, data loss prevention, graymail sorting, and can integrate with a range of tools. By using these complementary solutions, enterprises can filter all traffic.

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Predictive Defense

In addition to complementary solutions, organizations are also turning towards predictive defenses rather than relying on reactive solutions. Using global and local analysis of fingerprint and reputational elements, these advanced solutions learn from the past to predict the future using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The most advanced solutions analyze technical factors, predictive models, and context to determine if an email is malicious.

Vade Secure uses global and local analysis backed by artificial intelligence to provide the most advanced predictive defense.

For example, the Vade Secure solution uses:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Heuristics
  • Machine learning
  • Counter-measure detection
  • Real-time reputation analysis
  • Predictive modeling
  • Web page exploration
  • Domain name exploration


Secure Your Cloud-Based Email with Vade Secure

Built-in security for cloud-based email is not sufficient to protect against today’s range of email-borne threats. If organizations want total protection from threats, they must complement their existing defenses with advanced solutions that use predictive defense technologies.

The Vade Secure solution utilizes eight layers of analysis combined with a data set fed by multiple global threat detection centers. This information allows us to provide predictive defense to organizations by identifying and neutralize all zero-day malware and ransomware variants – even those that use the most sophisticated social engineering tactics.

Our solution has successfully blocked every Locky variant with 100% accuracy.

Interested in learning more about the importance of complementary security solutions for cloud-based email? Download the complete Email Security Newsletter featuring Gartner research, Securing Cloud-Based Email: The Need for Complementary Solutions Backed by Artificial Intelligence.

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