Email Security Content Filtering SDK

Malware &

Vade Secure uses origin analysis (IP reputation), contents (code in attachments, fingerprints and sandboxing) and analysis of context or behavior of emails to identify malware, ransomware and threats, even for unknown or short-term attacks. Vade Secure’s main features are zero-hour detection and resistance to multi-form malware.



Our search engine’s heuristic technology and machine learning of links and associated pages was developed by our experts to counter phishing waves using URL shortcuts or URL changes. Web page searches are done in real time, and at the time of click.

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Spear Phishing &
targeted attacks

Thanks to Vade Secure’s patented IdentityMatch technology, spearphishing, targeted attacks or compromised business emails are analyzed for minor technical and contextual changes in order to alert the user of a suspicious email.

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Emails & Spams

Following our filter’s analysis of message content, the Vade Secure engine classifies emails as a function of their source and contents. It only delivers priority emails and identifies other emails by category. Your users then find their non-priority emails in their personal inbox. This improves our users’ experience and optimizes productivity.

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A high-performance filter