How to Take Email Security to the Next Level

No matter how much data security your organization has in place, email remains your Achilles’ Heel. Today, email is the primary vector for global cyber threats, with industry data clocking 91 percent of malware attacks coming from email. For this reason, implementing email security best practices has become a mandatory step for protecting your organization from security threats.

email achilles

91% of malware is delivered via email, which is why it is critical that organizations take the security precautions necessary to protect themselves from these advanced threats.


Email Security Best Practices

Gartner is one of the world’s leading research and advisory firms, helping organizations across the globe implement and manage IT infrastructure. Recently they issued several recommendations for securing company email from new and evolving cyber threats. We thought we’d review a sample of these email security best practices. For each one, ask yourself if your current email security system is currently meeting or exceeding these demands.


Gartner’s Best Practices

  • To increase detection and prevention rates, use a diverse array of antivirus engines that scan email content; for example, use one antivirus engine at the email gateway and use another for your endpoint systems. Ideally, the email gateway should support the use of multiple engines.
  • Review and consider secure email gateways (SEGs) that can guard against both URL links and attachments with active content that cannot be blocked by policy (such as PDF and Microsoft Office file types). Strip out or quarantine all executable content from email attachments, and ensure that all email content types and attachments are being evaluated for malware.
  • Recognize that all mobile devices must be addressed with endpoint security technologies, mobile device security, and secure Web and email gateway services because their network traffic does not pass efficiently through legacy network defenses (backhauling traffic often creates greater latency).


Vade Secure Goes Above and Beyond Email Security Best Practices

These are all worthwhile security steps, and even if you’re currently meeting all of them, we’re confident that Vade Secure can be a critical tool for you. That’s because Vade Secure can help you go above and beyond Gartner’s recommendations to guard against today’s most evolved cyber threats, including zero-day attacks.