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Protection of the Office 365 email system

Vade Secure protects you against unknown or multi-form threats, unlike standard Office 365 email security protections. Solutions which revolve around signatures are insufficient to protect you against malware, ransomware or 0-day spearphishing. Our Office 365 protection system protects incoming and outgoing flows using artificial intelligence and behavioral analyses.

The security solution for Office 365 emails.

How to secure your Office 365 emails while improving your users’ experience.

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Artificial intelligence to secure your Office 365 emails

  • " Vade Secure's solution for Office 365 emails security is based on artificial intelligence uand blocks known threats as well as unknown attacks.
  • Vade Secure's security suite recognizes new threats using trend analysis. Our machine learning software becomes more powerful each day by detecting and processing emerging threats. We process billions of emails each day, so that our algorithms can rapidly find and report versions of malware and phishing attacks which are constantly evolving. As soon as a new threat is detected, each node of the system is updated in less than 60 seconds.
  • Operating 'round the clock, our research centers continuously monitor hundreds of millions of email boxes and immediately transmit to a filter all information about new threats and evolutions in existing threats.

Vade Secure filters all threats using email, as the security systems based on signatures are ineffective against spear phishing and new ransomware attacks.

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How it works:

First filter: Emails are analyzed for known malware and phishing signatures, including executable files. This first filter quickly eliminates all spam and mass attacks.

Behavioral analysis: this filter analyzes the context of the email, studying all the items of which it is composed, like the header, its structure and contents, to detect deviations and delete the threat.

Anti Malware: we analyze the integrated code not only in executable files, but also in Office documents, PDF's, etc.

Exploring web pages: Vade Secure explores a URL the first time that it appears in the system, and each time that a user tries to click on a link. It thus protects against URL's which lead to malicious sites at the time of click.

Artificial intelligence: remaining messages are analyzed to ensure that they contain no malware or phishing attempts, thus finding spear phishing and zero-day attacks which would otherwise pass through the filters.

Human intelligence: Vade Secure has several threat processing centers where security experts are available 'round the clock.

Operational as soon as it’s installed

Deploying Vade Secure simplifies management of your email security rules. The filter is operational as soon as the filter is installed in the Office 365 email system. The migration process is simple and flexible.

Use Vade Secure, either as supplemental protection to your anti-spam, or as a total solution for the security of your emails in Office 365.

Easy and rapid installation: our migration team will guide you throughout the process to install Vade Secure Cloud in less than 24 hours, all free.*

*Some restrictions may apply

Email security for Office 365 deployment

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