Webinar : Filling the Awareness Gap Between Phishing Simulations and Phishing Attacks

While phishing simulations can be effective at increasing user awareness, research shows that simulated phishes without context result in low click rates, creating a false sense of security. And as time elapses between training, click rates rise and reporting rates drop.

In this webinar we explore the phishing awareness gap between phishing simulations and real phishing attacks. We discuss why you need to retrain your users at the moment of attack and show you Vade’s solution for filling the awareness gap.

Watch the webinar to learn how fill the phishing awareness gap. You’ll learn:

  • Why phishing simulations don’t stand the test of time.
  • Why training without context fails to leave a lasting impression.
  • How Vade delivers automated phishing training when users need it most.
  • The top features and benefits of Threat Coach.


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