Vade Secure Gateway,
keep control of your

Vade Secure Gateway is a product which uses a heuristic filter and artificial intelligence to protect messages from known and unknown cyberattacks. With Gateway, you keep control of your infrastructure, and protect your enterprise from all threats sent by email.

Protect your email system with artificial intelligence while keeping control of your infrastructure.

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Secure emails and
time saved for your users

360° protection of emails
Your emails are protected against cyberattacks from malware, ransomware, targeted attacks and spam, from the very first wave. The filter optimizes your email system and your priority emails are classified and separated from your notifications, newsletters and all non-priority emails. Your user can unsubscribe with 1 click, and the software does the rest, in complete security.

Incoming and outgoing filters
In addition to filtering incoming emails, and to guard your IP reputation, Vade Secure Gateway filters outgoing messages and identifies botnet infections and sending spam.

Predictive technologies
Different than classic solutions, our Gateway filters context as well as the origin and contents of emails. Our filter destroys threats, even for very short attacks, using more than 10,000 rules. Whether the threat is known, unknown or polymorphic, the filter blocks it as soon as the first attack occurs: “Zero-hour” capability.

Continuous protection
The filter is updated every minute to maintain maximum security. Regular firmware updates add functionality and new services.

Premium 24/7 support
Vade Secure’s users benefit from Premium service and 24/7 support through email, telephone or the web.

Vade Secure Gateway:
A virtual appliance for best performance

Deployed through the main hypervisors

The virtual appliance is compatible with all hypervisors on the market (VM-ware, Hyper-V), available in the form of an OVA or VHD image.


Gateway is compatible with most email platforms: Office365, Exchange, G Suite, Zimbra and many others.

Required resources

CPU 2/4 cores

RAM: 2/8 Go

HDD: 60/500 Go

2 network ports

Gateway: security and simplicity

Simple and immediate integration
Already configured, Gateway instantly protects your organization and requires no complex setting procedures.

Better employee productivity
Non-priority emails (advertising, newsletters, social networks, etc.) and suspicious emails (spam) are received in a personal quarantine space. Users can release them or declare them to be unwanted.

Reduced administration time
Administration console which is intuitive and high-performance.

Auto-learning method
No need to configure for new users; they are considered automatically by the platform from the first legitimate email sent.

Gateway evolves
Vade Secure Gateway adjusts to your evolving needs without the need to deploy additional hardware if the volume of emails to be secured increases.

Attack reports in real time
Overall statistics on the volume of your emails with an analysis of attack attempts, messages which are valid, suspect or rejected in real-time.

Reduce costs
Virtual Gateway version is part of a move to rationalize and reduce costs of your messaging infrastructure.

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Attacks blocked from the first email

Vade Secure’s R&D has produced a filter which relies on a heuristic approach combined with behavioral analysis technologies for each email, using machine learning and artificial intelligence. This filter automatically improves in real-time with daily analysis of billions of data points from a global flow of analyzed emails. These technologies are used for predictive defense, stopping known and unknown threats, including multi-form malware, in “zero-hour”.

Our customers are talking about it Vade Secure Gateway

In order to strengthen its email protection, a communication and management tool for traceability of these exchanges which are especially targeted by cyberattacks, the Fire Brigade of Paris chose the Vade Secure Cloud solution.

Protect your company from cyberattacks

Keep control of your infrastructure with Gateway

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