2017 has marked a noticeable change in the behavior of cyber-attacks, which have grown more sophisticated. Classic filtering solutions are no longer able to respond to professional expectations, or to block threats which are unknown or multi-form.

Since 91% of threats are initiated by emails, it’s urgent to find an innovative security solution which uses the technologies of machine learning and heuristic and behavioral analysis in order to block all attacks, including phishing and malware.

How to choose the best protection solution for Zimbra?

Hackers identify and exploit the tiniest vulnerabilities. In order to be sure that your email system is best-protected, you need to choose a solution which uses innovative technologies for all stages: from receipt of a message, to reading it in the receiver’s inbox.

  • Filtering: executable emails as well as files require to be analyzed in order to find threats in the email flows. This solution must protect against DDOS or Backsquatting attacks, but also have a single engine for complete analysis, giving a full overview of the message. This process rapidly eliminates spam and mass attacks. This solution must also eradicate current threats, such as malware and phishing.
    • Anti-malware: The solution must rely on an innovative foundation that does not trigger loopholes built into the malware. It must be able to analyze the behavior of attachments without launching them, whether an executable file, PDF or even a docx.
    • Anti-Phishing: The solution must be able to protect against phishing as quickly as possible.
  • Time of click: All URL’s must be re-examined in real time to ensure that the sites continue to be legitimate, and that they don’t redirect to phishing or other types of malevolent sites. This process is executed when the user clicks on a URL, which protects ephemeral URL’s and which analyses and automatically parses and fills URL’s.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning: remaining threats must be analyzed to detect behaviors that are currently unknown. Thanks to advanced technologies, such as machine learning and AI, the reaction time allows for results against 0-day faults.
  • Human intelligence: it’s important to have a global center to handle threats, with email security experts which benefits from their experience and skills to detect threats and suspect behavior in order to protect users from these threats.

Frédéric Maussion, Senior Solution Advisor EMEA at Vade Secure discusses the topic: “How can machine learning block multi-form attacks and protect your Zimbra email system as soon as the first attack?” at the Zimbra forum on March 20, 2018 at 14:00.

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