Learn more about the Support Platform

In the top right corner of the home page, when you click on your name, you will get the following options:

This menu allows you to access your activities, access your account information, reset your password and log-out from the Vade Secure Tool.

Submit a support request

You can submit a request from the home page using the following link « Submit a request » The following information are required:

CC: You can specify if necessary one or more email addresses in copy of all exchanges.

Subject: Short description of the request

Description: Detailed description of the request

Product: Select the Vade Secure Product in relation to the request.

Type: Choosing a type of request will ensure you to get the best possible response.

Attachments: Feel free to join log extract, screenshots, .csv files, etc…

Once the request form is submitted a sum-up shows up, and the option to add a comment if needed.

Access your support request

You can access all your requests from the menu « My activities » available in the top right corner of the home page.

You can research within all your requests and also sort them by state : All / Open/ Awaiting your Reply / Solved.

Interact on your support requests

A notification email is send out every time a Vade Secure agent writes a reply.

You can directly reply by email to add a comment on your request, or access your support request on the Vade Secure Tool using the link provided in the notification.