Year after year, phishing ranks as the top cyberattack vector. The reason why phishing attacks remain so popular with hackers is that they’re easy to implement and highly effective. Studies show that a staggering 30 percent of phishing emails are opened by their intended recipients. All it takes is just one click to cause significant financial and reputational damage to a brand.

But sometimes in order to raise awareness of a serious subject, you have to have some fun. With 50,000 people gathering in San Francisco this week for RSA Conference 2018, that’s exactly what we decided to do. We rewrote the lyrics to the Bruce Springsteen classic “Dancing in the Dark” and made it about phishing.

The message is simple: hackers are launching increasingly sophisticated attacks that easily bypass traditional reputation and signature-based technologies. In order to protect your mailboxes—and your business—your email security needs to evolve. We believe the answer is predictive email defense, powered by artificial intelligence and augmented with 24/7 human intelligence.

Enjoy the song!


I get email in the evening

And it ain’t got much to say

I click a link in the message

I type my login, it was stolen away

Then all my funds got wired

Now I’m just broke and mad at myself

Hey there Vade, I could use some filter help

You can’t stop a phisher

You can’t stop a phisher with just DMARC

Our catch rate’s higher

Even if they’re advancing in the dark

Inbox keeps getting clearer

Filter’s on and it blocks at record pace

I check my mail in a browser

I don’t see no spam, no scams, no trace

Man, I ain’t getting malware

I’m no longer a chump like this

Those hackers are having nightmares

RSA, can you feel that bliss?

You can’t stop a phisher

You can’t stop a phisher with just DMARC

Our catch rate’s higher

You need to just glance at a benchmark