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Rediscover the pleasure of using your Zimbra messaging.

The zimlet is an extension allowing you from your Zimbra interface to automatically classify your unwanted emails, advertising emails as well as the notifications of your social networks accounts.

Zimlet allows you to :

  • Clear your inbox so you can easily get to your important emails
  • Increase productivity with simple email management
  • Safely unsubscribe from solicitation emails and newsletters
  • Easily retrieve non-priority emails in automatically classified folders
Email classification focus on work

Here’s how it works:

It only takes a few clicks to install the plugin onto your Zimbra server. Once completed, you will be able to activate it for selected users or the entire platform. It’s that simple.

Automatic Classification: spam, commercial, and social network notification emails are classified into specific folders

Intelligent learning: if you decide to move a classified email into another folder, your classification choice will be automatically saved for future emails of the same type

Report legitimate emails: users can report legitimate emails that have been incorrectly classified so they end up in the main inbox next time

Report spam: once spam emails are reported they will appear in the right category in the future

Download the Zimlet
Unsubscribe in one click

Safe unsubscribe: with the “Unsubscribe me” button, directly accessible from the Zimbra webmail interface, users can easily unsubscribe from newsletters securely. To obtain a license, please contact us

Zimbra Plugin Installation Guide

Download and deploy Vade Secure’s filtering solution with the Zimlet extension!

Download Guide
Zimbra installation guide

Why not add the Zimlet to your mail server?

Zimbra users reap the benefits of a clean inbox from the Zimlet extension in addition to the filtering provided by Vade Secure. Once installed your users can immediately take advantage of the advanced capabilities. Our experts are here to guide you through the installation process. So, don’t hesitate! Get the Zimlet extension today!

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