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Email Security for Office 365

Standard email security solutions for Office 365 like EOP, Barracuda, McAfee, and Proofpoint can be fairly effective against known threats, but they are essentially signature-driven solutions. This means that these solutions are almost entirely helpless in fighting unknown threats like zero-day code or spear phishing attacks like BEC.

The problem is… these are exactly the kind of attacks that cause the most damage.

Email Security for Office 365

It’s broken. Here’s how to fix it.

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Email Security for Office 365 Powered by Artificial Intelligence

  • Vade Secure’s email security solution for Office 365 is powered by artificial intelligence and can stop both known attacks and unknown attacks.
  • Vade Secure’s email security suite is able to recognize new threats based on previous patterns. Our machine learning software is constantly getting smarter as it processes and recognizes emerging threats. We process billions of emails everyday, so our algorithms quickly find and flag ever-evolving variants of malware and phishing attacks. When a new threat is detected, every node in the system is updated within 60 seconds.
  • Vade Secure’s 24/7 security threat centers constantly monitor hundreds of millions of email boxes and feed that information about new and evolving threats into the system.

Signature-based protection isn't going to protect you from spear phishing and zero-day attacks. That’s why you need advanced protection backed by artificial intelligence.

Here’s how it works:

Initial Filtering: Emails are analyzed for known phishing and malware signatures, including executable files. This quickly weeds out all spam and mass attacks.

Anti-Malware: We read the code embedded not just in executable files but in Office documents, PDFs, and more.

URL Sandboxing: All URLs are examined to be sure they do not link to malware, phishing sites, or any other malevolent site. This is done whenever the URL is clicked on… thus avoiding time-bombed URLs.

Artificial Intelligence: Any remaining messages are analyzed for unknown malware and phishing tactics to prevent spear phishing and zero-day attacks that would otherwise get through the filters.

Human Intelligence: Vade Secure mans a 24/7 global threat intelligence center with email security experts.

…plus some secret sauce.

How Vade Secure Compares to Other Office 365
Email Security Solutions

See how we stack up against Proofpoint, McAfee and Barracuda

Proofpoint Essential Vade
Barracuda EOP
Known Threats
Basic Signature-Based Protection:
Blacklisted Spam
Blacklisted Malware
Blacklisted Phishing
Unknown Threats
Zero-Day Malware/Phishing/Spam Detection
Basic Machine Learning & Heuristics
Complex Reputational Analysis
Advanced Artificial Intelligence Based Analysis
Anti Phishing Detection & Protection
Real Time URL Exploration
Time-Bombed URL Exploration
Sensitive Data Request
Exact Spoofing Detection
Similar Sender Spoofing Detection
DKIM Sender Authentication
SPF Sender Authentication
Low Priority Email Classification
One Step Unsubscribe
Advanced Unsubscribe
SMTP Retention
Cloud / SaaS
On Premise
30 Minute Installation
Exchange Compatible
Office 365 Compatible
Google Apps Compatible
Zimbra (Zimlet)
cPanel Plugin

Deploy As Either An Add-on or Replacement Security Solution

Deployment of Vade Secure is simple. It can be installed on your Office 365 installation in less than ten minutes either as an additional email security process to your existing email security systems or as a replacement email security system for Office 365.

Our experienced migration team will walk you through each step to seamlessly install Vade Secure′s Email Security Suite in less than 24 hours for free.*

*Some limitations may apply.
Email security for Office 365 deployment

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