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Email security for providers

Vade Secure powers exceptional email security for ISPs, hosting companies, and OEMs across the world.

Rock-solid email security directly translates into a powerful differentiator in the marketplace. What’s more, better security and commercial email management also translates into happier customers… and lower support volume and customer churn.

Use our full email package or just layer our security features over your existing setup.


Identify incoming malware in your inbound email stream before users have a chance to engage.


Up to 20% of your customers will click on any given phishing email if it shows up in their inbox. Don’t give them the chance.

Spear Phishing Protection

Stop even highly targeted one-off spear phishing attacks from reaching your customers’ inboxes.

Anti-spam and Email management

Go beyond standard anti-spam filters. Delight your customers with commercial email categorization, one-click auto-unsubscribes, and more than 99.99% accuracy.

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Our embedded anti-malware solution is really an in-depth integrated defense featuring our AI-based behavioral detection technology combined with two external anti-virus solutions.

  • Behavioral analysis looks at everything from filenames, header fingerprints, and the code and commands embedded in any attachments.
  • We examine not just executable files but Office documents, PDFs, and more.
  • This in-depth proprietary defense system is bolstered by two external anti-virus solutions to weed out virtually all malware.
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Anti-Malware protection

67 percent of networks surveyed report they had been successfully infiltrated by malware through email.
Your customers demand better protections.

Spear Phishing Protection

Spear Phishing is a very targeted attack: one email by one hacker to one high-value victim. This makes them very difficult to detect by traditional methods, especially as these emails are unlikely to contain any attachments or hyperlinks.

Vade Secure’s spear phishing protection protects your users from even the most innocuous-looking malicious emails through a combination of:

  • Deep content inspection and analysis by our proprietary artificial intelligence engine that goes way beyond simple pattern recognition.
  • Our patented anti-spoofing “Identity MatchTM” system that takes hundreds of subtle factors into account to determine if the sender is who they claim to be.
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Anti-Malware protection

62% of companies rank spear phishing as one of their top security concerns. Give them the protection they need.


Our anti-phishing solution is unique in that it is able to spot and quarantine phishing emails starting with the first email. Most solutions rely on pattern recognition technologies that allow hundreds or even thousands of emails through to end-users before tagging them as malicious.

Our anti-phishing filters are the most effective on the market.

  • The artificial intelligence engine looks at multiple elements of every email and is constantly improving based on hundreds of millions of inboxes worldwide.
  • The webpage exploration engine explores any embedded URLs at the time of user interaction. This catches dynamic links, “sleeper” malware, and phishing pages.
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Anti-Phishing protection

83% of overall security concerns involve phishing attacks. The only way to protect networks is to protect email.

Anti-spam and Email management

Your users won’t tolerate any spam. And they’ll react even worse to having a genuine message mistakenly filed away as spam.
Rest easy with our 99.99% catch rate and a false positive rate of less than 1 in 1,600,000.

Effective anti-spam is just table-stakes for corporate email these days, but you’ll bask in the plaudits our commercial email management tools will bring from your user base.

  • Automatically filter incoming mail into primary, commercial, and social communications.
  • One click–unsubscribes for all newsletters and commercial communications—no matter how the sender has setup their process.
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Anti-spam and Email management

How many of your support calls involve spam and misidentified spam? Save time for your support team and improve customer satisfaction.

From Experience Comes Effectiveness

Vade Secure protects over 400 million email boxes across 76 countries. Those mailboxes provide the information we need to help us refine our rules engine… a refinement that has been in process for over 10 years.

Some of the mailboxes that we protect include…

Email Security on your platform of choice.

The Vade Secure email security solution is available on virtually any platform in whatever form factor you prefer.
All platforms are highly scalable, customizable, and available in OEM and white-label editions.

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