Graymail Management & Classification

Heuristic filter

By using more than 10,000 rules, the Vade Secure system recognizes and classifies  social, newsletter, mailing lists and/or forum notification emails in a predictive manner. The user only receives priority emails.

Recognizing headers

Graymail management is also based on recognizing email headers. Classification is conducted rapidly and without human intervention.

Dynamic reputation

The filtering feature verifies each email and the IP is analyzed for its reputation at zero hour.


Efficient even with low volume
filtering is based on heuristic technology and classification is efficient no matter the size of the email campaign.

Improved user experience
Non-priority emails represent more than 80% of incoming traffic in B2B and more in B2C, which upsets more than 50% of email users.

Reduction of false positives
An email declared spam by a user could be of interest to another. Vade Secure manages this problem with a false positive rate of 0.000062%.

Rapid process
More than 1,000 messages are analyzed per second in a production environment to keep traffic in real-time.

Very precise classification
Classification by type of email: newsletter, social notification, forum notification, spam or other.

Simple deployment
Plugins available for most open source and commercial MTA’s.

Protected customers
and easier support

Thanks to specific products for ISPs, your users will have total control of their messaging with simplified management. Of course, they are also protected against malware, ransomware, targeted attacks and all types of cyberattacks sent by email. Protection and classification of emails is done in a predictive and automatic way, and an unsubscribe action is managed by one click.