Safe Unsubscribe

The user in control of email flows

Using 1-click unsubscription, users control the emails they receive and the emails that they don’t want to see in a simple way.

Security verification

Automatic sending of an email to the mail-to address with a static address, and obtaining a positive 250 OK response.

Database for unsubscription scenarios

The main senders of emails are identified in Safe Unsubscribe with dedicated scenarios.

Intelligent scenarios

Unsubscription of unknown scenarios in analyzing forms  are available on the web page in real time, resulting in unsubscription for the user with confirmation.


The best success rate on the market
With a success rate of greater than 90%, Safe Unsubscribe is the best security unsubscription tool on the market.

Confirmation of unsubscription
For each request, Safe Unsubscribe follows acceptance to respond to the user’s activities. If the unsubscription request is not honored, the sender’s reputation is diminished.

Long-term prevention
If an unsubscription request cannot be handled, an email is sent to “mail-to” with instructions to improve the unsubscription scenario.

fast processing
Confirmation of unsubscription in real time: 1.2 seconds. Much more rapid than manual unsubscription.

Detection of unsubscription links
Unsubscription links are detected by the engine when the email analysis is handled, thanks to contents filtration.

User protection
Safe Unsubscribe protects users against injecting malicious software during the unsubscription scenario, or any other email validation by ensuring that the unsubscription emails are secure.

Protect your users and
let them regain control over messaging.

Thanks to specific products for ISP’s, your users will need less support while remaining protected. They regain total control of their messages with a flow that is much easier to manage. Protection and classification of emails is done predictively and automatically, and unsubscription is managed with 1 click.

Vade Secure a la carte

Improve your users’ experience, reduce your support costs.

Keep your infrastructure protected from email attacks