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Phishing Protection | Phishing Security

Inbound Filtering

Every email is analyzed by Vade Secure’s artificial intelligence engine and against known email malware and phishing signatures.

Domain Verification

The sender’s domain is double-checked for authenticity.

Identity Verification

Sender identify is verified against your contacts.

Personal Data Warning

Vade Secure’s artificial intelligence creates a warning if there are sensitive data requests.

What is the difference between Phishing and Spear Phishing Attacks?

Spear phishing attacks are customized and target a specific individual, while phishing attacks are generally sent as mass generic emails containing malware in the form of attachments, URLs, generic scams like the infamous “Nigerian prince” scam.

Many users will click on either type of attack if it gets to their inbox, mass phishing attacks are easier to defend against with standard signature based email filtering systems.

Phishing attack

Phishing attack

Spear Phishing Attack

Spear Phishing attack

However, spear phishing attacks just look like regular emails to standard email security systems. it requires specialized spear phishing protection to stop these sophisticated attacks.

Anti-malware and link analysis

Anti-Malware and Link Analysis

Our embedded anti-malware software creates an in-depth integrated defense featuring our behavioral detection technology combined with two external anti-virus solutions. Between these three systems, malware doesn’t stand a chance of getting through. Every attached file gets examined including executable files, Office documents, and PDFs.

Vade Secure’s link analysis safely isolates and explores URLs in every email just before users click on them. This is done every time the user tries to click on a link, which ensures that we even catch dynamic links “sleeper” malware, and phishing pages.