Vade Secure Safe Unsubscribe is a service provided by Vade Secure to any Internet service provider. This service allows the end user to unsubscribe from any newsletter or commercial email in one click, without having to seek the unsubscribe link. All unsubscribe requests submitted by Vade Secure Safe Unsubscribe to senders or routers are explicitly requested by the end user from the Internet service provider webmail.

Vade Secure Safe Unsubscribe detects all unsubscribe links in the List-Unsubscribe header and in the body of the email, when the latter is identified as a non-priority email. Once the user clicks on the unsubscribe button, an unsubscribe request including all the detected unsubscribe links is sent to the Vade Secure Technology service: the service processes each unsubscribe link sequentially, until the unsubscribe request is acknowledged (confirmation message for an HTTP or HTTPS URI, accepted email for a MAILTO URI).