How Prog-IT Has Enhanced Client Email Security with Vade for M365


About Prog-IT

Prog-IT is a Sweden- and Finland-based managed service provider (MSP) with offices in Stockholm and Helsinki. A full-service MSP founded in 1994, the company specializes in all aspects of IT consulting, support, hosting, and hardware. Prog-IT now employs more than 70 full-time consultants and programmers and serves approximately 500 customers in a variety of industries. 


Prog-IT opened in 1994 as a managed service provider in Finland. After years of consistent growth, the company expanded operations to Sweden in 2016, where it began competing in the country’s progressive IT market. “Prog-IT continues to operate more or less like a family-owned business,” said Mirza Muhic, Chief Executive Officer of Prog-IT. “We have one founder and owner.”


Since its founding, Prog-IT has taken a partner-first approach to serving clients. “Everyone right now is looking for one partner for all their needs,” said Mirza. “That’s what we offer. If you need a solutions expert, IT-Manager, project manager, UX designer—we offer it.” That may explain why the company has sustained significant growth in recent years. To keep up with customer demand, the company increased its staff by nearly five-fold. It also expects to grow an additional 30 to 40% in the upcoming year.





As a company dedicated to serving clients with best-in-class solutions, Prog-IT encountered a problem. One of its biggest clients in the energy industry contacted Mirza with concerns about email security. “They called us and asked, 'How can we protect all our users?’ They had a lot of public email addresses and needed to secure them.”



Yet the problem wasn’t isolated. Mirza began hearing similar concerns from other clients. “Many wanted better cybersecurity and were asking us for help. As MFA for Microsoft 365 gets stronger, email remains a point of vulnerability. It doesn’t matter how great your security is. If a user makes a mistake and clicks something they shouldn’t have, you’re at risk,” said Mirza.



  • Advanced AI-powered threat detection and response
  • Cross-tenant incident response  
  • Automated phishing awareness training
  • Partner-first approach
  • Threat reporting
  • Free trial and monthly licensing



Mirza assured his client in the energy industry he had a solution to the problem. He recalled a demo of Vade for M365 he had received two years before and decided to contact the company. He inquired if he could run a proof of concept (PoC) for his client. “We set up a trial of Vade for M365. By the end of it, they were convinced and wanted it,” said Mirza



Mirza and his team began running trials for other customers. They started the PoCs and showed clients Vade’s reporting, which detailed the threats Vade was catching that Microsoft had missed. “What we really like with Vade is we can start the trial with a customer, monitor everything, and then show them the results of the solution. This is different from telling them about the value and charging for it up front. We can show them two-weeks of data, which makes it an easy decision for them,” said Mirza.

After each trial, Prog-IT would transition a customer to the full solution. Based on the success of the effort, Prog-IT included Vade for M365 in its standard bundle for clients. Fully integrated with Microsoft 365, Vade for M365 complemented Datto solutions for backup and Veeam Backup for servers—the other solutions in Prog-IT’s technology stack along with Microsoft 365.

Vade for M365 is a collaborative email security solution for Microsoft 365. Powered by AI, enhanced by people, and made for MSPs, it features a collaborative AI engine that continuously learns from an alliance of more than 1.4 billion protected mailboxes, millions of daily user reports, and a team of cybersecurity analysts.


Vade for M365 provides integrated, low-touch features in a single platform that is scalable and easy to use and manage, including:

  • Cross-tenant triage and remediation: Triage and remediate active threats and user-reported emails across all client tenants from a single pane of glass.
  • Auto-Remediation: Continually scans mailboxes for new email threats and automatically removes them from user inboxes.
  • Vade Threat Coach: Delivers automated, contextual phishing training when a user interacts with a phishing email.

  • Threat Intel & Investigation: Triage and remediate user-reported emails, deconstruct files, and inject live email logs into any SIEM/SOAR/XDR.
  • Native Splunk Integration: Export Vade for M365 email logs to Splunk without writing a single line of code.



Since adding Vade for M365 to the technology stack, Mirza and his team are focused on working more closely with Vade. Two of Prog-IT’s security officers are spending more time utilizing Vade for M365 and making recommendations to clients. His team is also leveraging the solution to proactively protect users and respond to incidents in real-time.

And the results are clear. These days, Mirza doesn’t hear much about email security from his clients. “The complaints about spam and email threats are gone,” he said.

Mirza appreciates Vade’s partner-first approach, which reflects Prog-IT’s own commitment to customers. “Vade is always looking for a solution to help us improve. Vade’s focus is ‘How can we better partner?’ It’s not just selling something.”

Mirza sees this dedication particularly important in the world of IT. “Nothing is perfect in IT,” said Mirza. “You can always be better. And this is the mindset you should have.”

Mirza also values the simplicity and user-friendliness of Vade Partner Portal. The Partner Portal provides a single pane of glass for managing Prog-IT’s email security needs and activities across tenants. This includes triaging and remediating threats and user-reported emails, monitoring alerts, collecting and analyzing forensic evidence, handling administrative tasks, and more.

He and his team also value Vade Threat Coach™—personalized phishing awareness training that is administered automatically each time a user encounters a phishing threat. The solution addresses the greatest weakness in cybersecurity—human error—all without requiring Prog-IT’s time or intervention.

Going forward, Mirza sees Vade as an integral part of its growth plans. In the meantime, the company is committed to strengthening its partnership with customers and finding new solutions for their needs. Prog-IT is also focused on fortifying security and compliance for Microsoft 365.



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