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Vade Secure has developed a full set of security features against the most sophisticated email scams such as phishing and spear phishing, malware and ransomware. As a Global company, protecting more than 500 million mailboxes worldwide, we have an accurate vision on worldwide email flow. This allows us to provide the comprehensive solution against all email threats, ensuring a zero-day protection, even on targeted attacks. Our solutions are tailored to deal with a large amount of emails to help ISPs, OEMs, hosting companies and Enterprises.

At Vade Secure, we also consider that the messaging system should be easy and convenient to use. After elimination all threats, we eliminate the nuisance of low priority emails with the Graymail Management. Ads, social networks notification and newsletters are automatically sent to the graymail folder while the Safe Unsubscribe button eliminate them forever. Users have now a clutter free inbox for more productivity.

Our job & mission

Our job is to filter your email. Our mission is to make email safe, simple, and convenient. Originating as an anti-spam filter, we later developed additional functionality in email security. Vade Secure has continued to relentlessly develop unique, patented technologies, emerging today as the only Advanced Email Protection vendor.

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Our Intelligence Comes From Experience

Vade Secure protects over 500 million email boxes across 76 countries. Those mailboxes provide the information we need to help us refine our rules engine… a refinement that has been in process for over 10 years.

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What our customers say about us

  • OVH Testimonial
    With the desire to provide ever more innovative solutions to our customers, we are pleased to integrate the Vade Secure protection within our messaging infrastructure.
    Pierre Ourdouillé - OVH
  • Dreamhost Testimonial
    "The email experience at DreamHost has never been better, The teams at Vade Secure have completely understood our long-term vision for improved email performance and have been a pleasure to work with. Their technology has allowed DreamHost to improve our customer experience to a great degree."
    Micah Sachs - DreamHost
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