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Take control of your Email Security

Vade Secure provides email security for corporations of all sizes, including ISPs, hosting companies, and OEMs around the world. We defend these organizations with zero-day protection against malware, phishing, spear phishing and more.

Is your cloud-based email really protected ?
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Featuring Research from Gartner

Layer our Advanced Email Security Over Your Existing Solution

Anti-Malware protection


Intercept incoming malware in your inbound email stream.

Our integrated defense features heuristic behavioral detection and two external anti-virus solutions

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Anti-Phishing protection


Users will click on phishing emails that reach their inbox.

Don’t rely on user judgment to keep your network safe. Quarantine every malicious email.

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Spear Phishing Protection

Spear Phishing Protection

Stop personalized attacks in their tracks.

Vade Secure’s spear phishing protection protects users from even the most realistic phishing emails.

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Anti-Spam & Mail Management

Anti-Spam & Mail Management

Delight users by highlighting truly important email.

Advanced email management tools + anti-spam with 99.99% catch rate and virtually no false positives.

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Available as standalone Gateway or Cloud Service

Or instantly plug-in to your existing solution:
Gmail * Office 365 * Zimbra

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Vade Secure protects thousands of businesses around the world

Vade Secure offers a complete suite of email security to keep your users, and your network, safe.

  • OVH Testimonial
    With the desire to provide ever more innovative solutions to our customers, we are pleased to integrate the Vade Secure protection within our messaging infrastructure.
    Pierre Ourdouillé - OVH
  • OVH Testimonial
    "The email experience at DreamHost has never been better, The teams at Vade Secure have completely understood our long-term vision for improved email performance and have been a pleasure to work with. Their technology has allowed DreamHost to improve our customer experience to a great degree."
    Micah Sachs - DreamHost