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91% of the cyberattacks start with an email.
Choose Predictive Defense & Artificial Intelligence to Protect your IT.

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Protect your emails from new attacks using AI

Malware or ransomware attacks, phishing, targeted attacks and spearphishing continue to evolve and threaten organizations. Classic protection systems, or those integrated into Cloud solutions, are often insufficient.
The Vade Secure filter uses artificial intelligence consisting of machine learning and predictive heuristic rules to block attacks even in their first version. Thanks to daily analysis of billions of data bits, the filter is automatically updated each minute, protecting email accounts against all threats, known, unknown or multi-form. This predictive defense method, proven for more than 10 years, protects your emails against all types of cyberattacks and improves user experience by managing non-priority emails.

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Malware &

Our solution in fighting malware uses an analysis of email origins (IP reputation), contents (code for attachments, fingerprint, sandboxing) and the context of the threat using artificial intelligence for optimal efficiency. Zero-hour detection and resistance to multi-form malware are its key features.

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Using heuristic technology and machine learning, our search engine for dangerous links and associated pages is effective against phishing waves that use URL shortcuts or URL changes. Web page searches are done in real time, and at the time of click.

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Business email compromise &
Spear phishing

Vade Secure uses IdentityMatch technology to detect minor technical and contextual changes of emails that make dangerous emails difficult to identify. It can discover if malware is attempting to usurp identity. Attached documents and URL links are also inspected in order to avoid malware insertions.

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Spams & Non-priority

Our filter analyzes and classifies message contents, delivers priority emails and identifies other emails by their category.
Users can access non-priority emails (notifications, advertising, newsletters, etc.) and spam if needed, but the undesirable emails are isolated. This improves our users’ experience and optimizes the company’s productivity.

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