Google Workspace Email Security Solution

Google Workspace is built for productivity and protection from modern cyberthreats. As sophisticated attacks increase, GWS is creating massive challenges for businesses. Unprotected vulnerabilities. A barrage of false positives. An overly complex admin console. Businesses need email security that maximizes protection and minimizes effort.


Vade’s AI-powered Google Workspace email security solution is designed for businesses

Vade for Google Workspace is powered by an AI engine that continuously learns from a global intelligence network of more than 1.4 billion protected mailboxes, daily reports from millions of users, and detailed insights from cyberthreat analysts.

Fortify your users’ email security while spending less time and effort with our AI-powered solution.

Protect your users with Vade’s Google Workspace email security

Emerging threats like deceptive spear-phishing attacks and zero-day phishing scams can bypass Google Workspace detection, leaving your users and business vulnerable.

Vade for Google Workspace, our next-gen Google Workspace email security solution, catches what Google misses. The solution leverages sophisticated AI algorithms to spot emerging text- and image-based threats, while constantly adapting to new intelligence as it becomes available. Its user-friendly interface complements a suite of integrated and automated features, empowering swift response and fast administration.

Improved and more accurate graymail classification

Marketing emails, app notifications, and other low-priority messages can clutter user inboxes and waste precious time. Vade for Google Workspace sorts and classifies these emails into graymail folders so users can stay productive. The solution offers improved graymail filtering and more accurate classification than GWS and was the preferred solution by nearly all participants in our beta program.

Complete protection from advanced email threats

Vade for Google Workspace provides advanced email security designed exclusively for Google Workspace.


Enhanced Protection over Google Alone

Additional layers of protection catch more threats than Google’s native security features.


Simplified Interface

User-friendly admin console enhances ease of use and visibility, saving precious time while boosting productivity.


Improved Phishing Detection

Inline protection instantly scans emails before delivery, preventing threats from ever reaching users—and without disrupting normal email flow.


Fewer False Positives for Spear-Phishing Emails

Spear-phishing detection algorithms train on a unique combination of threats produced by generative AI and human sources to deliver enhanced detection confidence and fewer false positives.

Discover the power of Vade’s advanced Google Workspace email security solution

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Vade for GWS dashboard

Vade’s industry-leading protection extended to your Google users

False negatives. False positives. Cumbersome dashboards. Without the right solution, email security can leave vulnerabilities exposed, upset your users, and waste precious time.

Vade for Google Workspace is a robust email security solution that maximizes protection with minimal effort.

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Automatic Remediation

Get layered protection that automatically removes newly identified threats from user mailboxes based on real-time intelligence.

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Remote Browser Isolation

Threat protection that extends from the mailbox to the browser. Securely open links without fear of malware, phishing, or other malicious attacks.

Email security designed for modern businesses

Vade for Google Workspace is made for businesses who need robust email security, but want to save time and focus on growing their core business.


Integrated with Google Workspace

Fast Deployment


Advanced Email Security that Scales Easily

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