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Phishing was the root cause of 44 percent of compromises in 2020. Increasingly sophisticated and featuring advanced filter bypassing techniques, phishing emails exploit a user’s most human instincts. For a SOC, early threat detection and quick remediation could mean the difference between thwarted attack and a significant breach.

Solution Brief

Improve phishing threat detection

Your SOC is burdened with cybersecurity alerts. From threat detection to analysis to remediation, responding to a phishing attack and containing compromise attempts that threaten your business is an ongoing challenge.


Real-time analysis of phishing URLs and web pages

IsItPhishing Threat Detection uses artificial intelligence, including Machine Learning and Deep Learning, to detect dynamic, short-wave, and highly targeted phishing attacks. The service first compares the URL against Vade’s real-time threat intelligence from 1 billion protected mailboxes to immediately weed out known threats. IsItPhishing Threat Detection then performs a real-time analysis of the URL and webpage content, following all redirections to reach the final page and determine if it is malicious.

Machine Learning

Supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms analyze more than 47 characteristics of URLs and web pages, scanning for malicious behaviors, obfuscation techniques, and URL redirects.

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Deep Learning

Computer Vision models analyze images to extract relevant features used in phishing attacks, including brand logos, QR codes, and suspicious textual content. 

Threat detection resources

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IsItPhishing Threat Detection

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White Paper

Phishing Attacks: Advanced Techniques That Evade Detection

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Vade’s anti-phishing technology protects 1 billion mailboxes

IsItPhishing Threat Detection leverages real-time threat intelligence from Vade’s filtering engine and data from the 1 billion mailboxes it protects worldwide, including ISP, OEM and corporate customers.

billion mailboxes protected


billion emails analyzed per day


phishing sites detected per day

Integrate IsItPhishing Threat Detection into your orchestration tools

Available as a REST API, IsItPhishing Threat Detection integrates into leading SIEM and SOAR solutions to enhance your organization’s security without disrupting your existing architecture.