Prevent Spear Phishing and Business Email Compromise

Vade’s spear phishing prevention technology uses artificial intelligence, including Anomaly Detection and Natural Language Processing, to identify impersonation attempts and malicious patterns in spear phishing emails.

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Solution Brief

Detecting Spear Phishing Attacks

Spear phishing emails are quick and to the point, with no URLs or attachments to scan. To identify business email compromise attempts, Vade’s AI has be trained from both user reports and a database of 1.4 billion mailboxes to detect the subtle signs of spear phishing that other solutions miss:

  • Spoofed email
    addresses and domains
  • Suspicious
    textual content
  • Anomalous email traffic

  • Forged display names

AI-based Spear Phishing Prevention Technology

Language-agnostic, Vade’s patented spear phishing prevention technology uses a combination of Supervised and Unsupervised Learning algorithms to identify all forms of business email compromise.

Anomaly Detection

Builds an anonymous profile to establish normal communication patterns among employees.


Behavioral Analysis

Analyzes the context and content of emails, recognizing patterns of abuse common in business email compromise.


Natural Language Processing*

Identifies suspicious language and grammatical and stylistic choices typical in spear phishing emails and subject lines.


Spear Phishing Warning Banner

If anomalies or suspicious activities are discovered, a fully customizable warning banner is displayed.

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Auto and One-Click Remediation*

Automatically removes email threats from user inboxes post-delivery. Admins can also remediate threats post-delivery with one click.

Spear Phishing Protection for Microsoft 365

Vade for M365 provides an additional layer of spear phishing protection on top of Exchange Online Protection (EOP). Our AI algorithms scan the origin, content, and context of emails to identify spear phishing and business email compromise attacks targeting Microsoft 365 users.
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