Anti-Spear Phishing Solution

Spear phishing attacks are simple, text-based emails that lack the digital signatures required to detect most email threats. Vade Secure’s Anti-Spear Phishing technology uses artificial intelligence, including Anomaly Detection and Natural Language Processing, to identify impersonation attempts and malicious patterns in spear phishing emails.

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The Typology of Spear Phishing Attacks

Business email compromise cost US businesses $26 billion from 2016–2019*

Spear phishing attacks are personalized emails that typically impersonate known acquaintances, such as colleagues, superiors, customers, and contractors. Via social engineering, the victim is first primed for the attack through a series of harmless email exchanges. The victim is then asked—or instructed—to execute a financial transaction, such as scheduling a wire transfer, purchasing gift cards, making a payment, or changing direct deposit information.


AI-based Spear Phishing Protection

The absence of URLs and attachments makes spear phishing attacks extremely difficult to detect. Vade Secure’s patented Anti-Spear Phishing technology uses a combination of Supervised and Unsupervised Learning algorithms to identify and block all forms of business email compromise.

Behavioral Analysis

Analyzes the context and content of emails, recognizing patterns of abuse common to spear phishing emails, such as requests for financial transactions.

Anomaly Detection

Builds an anonymous profile to establish normal communication patterns among employees. It can identify anomalies in an organization’s email traffic and recognize advanced spoofing techniques, such as cousin domains and display name spoofing.

Natural Language Processing*

Support Vector Machine and Deep Neural Network classifiers identify subtle grammatical and stylistic choices, such as flag words and phrases, as well as the sense of urgency found in most spear phishing emails and subject lines.

Spear Phishing Warning Banner

If anomalies or suspicious activities are discovered, a fully customizable warning banner is displayed. This alerts the user to the potential danger but does not block the email, preventing disruption to email flow.

Auto and One-Click Remediation*

Automatically removes email threats from user inboxes post-delivery. Admins can also remediate threats post-delivery with one click.

Learn How to Spot a Spear Phishing Email

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Anti-Spear Phishing with Vade Secure for Microsoft 365

Vade Secure for Microsoft 365 provides a complementary layer of email protection on top of Microsoft Exchange Online Protection. Leveraging threat intelligence from more than 1 billion mailboxes worldwide, our AI algorithms scan the origin, content, and context of emails to identify spear phishing attacks targeting Microsoft 365 environments.

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Anti-Spear Phishing Solution

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Learn How to Spot a Spear Phishing Email


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