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Spear Phishing Protection | Phishing Protection

Inbound Filtering

Every email is analyzed by Vade Secure’s artificial intelligence engine and against known email malware and phishing signatures.

Domain Verification

The sender’s domain is double-checked for authenticity.

Identity Verification

Sender identify is verified against your contacts.

Personal Data Warning

Vade Secure’s artificial intelligence creates a warning if there are sensitive data requests.

“Vendors that specialize in content inspection will be more successful in detecting these types of attacks than those that rely on reputation.”

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What is Spear Phishing?

Spear phishing is a targeted attack against a single victim by a hacker. Spear phishing is also known as:

Business Email Compromise (BEC): A business email compromise is a spear phishing attack aimed at a controller, accountant, or bookkeeper aimed at convincing them to send funds for a bogus business transaction.

CEO Fraud: A specific variant of the business email compromise where the emails are purportedly from the CEO of a company asking for funds to be immediately wired to a fraudulent account for a purported merger or payment for a very important vendor.

Whaling: Whaling is a spear phishing attack aimed at an especially valuable target such as a CEO, important political figure, or extremely high value security credentials.

In a typical spear phishing attack, a hacker will attempt to fool the recipient by engaging in an email conversation and gaining trust before requesting sensitive personal information (such as business credentials). These advanced spear phishing tactics usually don’t contain suspicious attachments and hyperlinks—which makes them difficult to spot by standard phishing and spam filters. Spear Phishing attacks generally go for high value targets which make them especially dangerous. 91% of all network attacks are driven at least partly by successful spear phishing attacks.

Spear Phishing attack

Spear Phishing is, by far, the most dangerous attack vector against your network.

What is the difference between Phishing and Spear Phishing Attacks?

Spear phishing attacks are customized and target a specific individual, while phishing attacks are generally sent as mass generic emails containing malware in the form of attachments, URLs, generic scams like the infamous “Nigerian prince” scam.

Phishing attack

Phishing attack

Spear Phishing Attack

Spear Phishing attack

However, spear phishing attacks just look like regular emails to standard email security systems. it requires specialized spear phishing protection to stop these sophisticated attacks.

How Can I Block Spear Phishing Attacks?

Vade Secure’s anti-spoofing feature, Identity MatchTM , combines a technical analysis as well as content and style analysis of each email to ensure that every sender is who they say they are.

All links and attachments are individually quarantined and examined to ensure that they are safe. What’s more, our system alerts users with a special banner whenever someone is requesting suspicious or confidential information.

Spear Phishing attack

Identity MatchTM Anti-spoofing

Vade Secure’s patented Identity MatchTM system is the result of millions of email analyses performed each and every day for over a decade. Identity Match TM considers hundreds of subtle technical and behavioral factors to determine if the sender is who they claim to be.

Identity Match

Content Analysis

Using artificial intelligence, Vade Secure performs a deep analysis of every email you receive to look for attempts from hackers to steal your personal information. Our fully integrated banner alerts let both administrators and users know when something suspicious has been discovered. Vade Secure’s unique artificial intelligence means that we can reliably catch even zero-day vulnerabilities.

Content Analysis