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Vade for M365 offers AI-powered protection from the email threats that keep you up at night. Request a free trial to see how Vade complements Microsoft's native email security by catching what Microsoft misses, automatically removing post-delivery threats, and training your users when they interact with dangerous emails.

A risk-free way to test our solution

Because Vade for M365 integrates seamlessly with M365 via an API-based architecture, your trial can be activated in just a few clicks—without the hassle of changing your MX record.

Free Trial Benefits:

  • Easy Activation – Activate Vade for M365 in just a few clicks—no MX changes required.
  • Risk-free Monitoring – Start your free trial in monitoring mode to test the efficacy of the solution.
  • World Class Support – Receive 24/7 support from Vade's email security experts.

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