Artificial Intelligence to Validate Emails 

Never send an email to the wrong “J. Smith” again with our AI-powered recipient validation technology.  

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AI-Powered Protection

Our tool analyzes a range of potential errors to ensure emails are delivered to the intended recipients. Easy to miss details such as forgetting to add someone to a common distribution list, reply-all to a large distribution list, sending sensitive information and more are all factored in to the AI Recipient Validation service. 

If a message triggers a notification, you're able to edit it before sending.

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Real-Time Email Analysis 

Our AI Recipient Validation technology analyzes emails based on a combination of factors, including past emails, language in the message, email exchange history, and more. All analysis of email content and attachments is done locally on the Outlook client to protect privacy, but still ensures emails go to the recipients they are intended to go to. 

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Key Benefits

Automated Protection from Misdirected Email

Reduce your risk surface with an additional layer of insurance against misdirected emails. Critical industries such as finance, healthcare, education, utilities, and more are all particularly vulnerable to unintentional data leakage due to emails being sent to the wrong recipient.


Instant User Feedback

Users are notified immediately if they appear to be sending an email to the wrong recipient.


AI-Powered Adjustments

AI Recipient Validation factors in user behavior and responses to automatically adjust warnings and suggestions issued in upcoming communications. 


Streamlined Dashboard 

Administrators can easily see an overview of warnings issued to users and the actions taken as a result.