Incident Response Tools for MSPs

The business opportunities from cybersecurity are causing MSPs to pivot toward managed security services, but managing cybersecurity for a range of clients is time-consuming and full of complexity. MSPs need incident response tools that are easy to use and provide cross-tenant capabilities.

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Build a scalable managed security service for Microsoft 365

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Responding to incidents and remediating email threats targeting Microsoft 365 is a full-time job that costs MSPs time and money. MSP Response provides unified threat management and incident response tools in a cross-tenant dashboard, enabling MSPs to build a robust threat detection and incident response offering with Vade for M365.

MSP Response centralizes your Vade for M365 tenants in the Vade Partner Portal. It features a simplified interface that includes critical email log data and one-click remediation capabilities.

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Incident Response Features


Remediate emails across your client base


Identify threats across Vade for M365 tenants


Deliver managed services from a unified dashboard

Key benefits of MSP Response for MSPs

  • Build a scalable managed security service with a single solution.
  • Reduce time to respond to innovative, emerging threats.
  • Holistic view of cybersecurity across your client base.
  • Free up valuable IT resources with a low-touch solution.
  • No additional tools or add-ons to install.
  • Integrated in the Partner Portal, without additional fees.*

    *Partner Access must be activated.

Vade for M365

With 345 million corporate users, Microsoft 365 is the #1 target for cyberattacks. Discover why MSPs choose Vade for Microsoft 365 threat protection, user awareness training, and incident response tools.

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