Comprehensive Email Security Services

Nine out of 10 cyberattacks start with an email. Our email security packages offer options to safeguard your email communication. Take advantage of AI-powered protection against the most advanced phishing, spear-phishing, and malware threats. Our email security offerings include various services, which are offered in a packaged combination for your convenience.

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Spam and Malware Protection

Secure email with TLS encryption, preventing third parties from spying on email in transmission. Our phishing and spam filter scans links, detects malicious script commands, and more. Link tracking and outbound filtering ensures any risky content that may try to sneak by is caught before it can spread.

Advanced Threat Protection

This security service includes a Sandbox Engine to scan and test malicious attachments in a virtual environment. Other advanced security features include “freezing” the message to scan it again after more time has passed (allowing the malware filter to update), scanning and rewriting URLs, real-time IT alerts, and more.


Email Encryption

Essential for multiple types of regulatory compliance and more, our email encryption services allow you to customize and define your encryption policies on a company-wide level or by individual requirements. Secure emails against unauthorized modification or access with our automatic digital signing & encryption via S/MIME and PGP. We also automatically manage your certificates and storage, making email encryption easy and straightforward to manage.

Email Continuity

Safeguard your vital email communications in the event of power outages, hard disk crashes, and more. With 99.9% availability, our email continuity servers keep your messages accessible, secure, and continual no matter what events may occur.  


Email Archiving

Fully automated and secured cloud-based archiving for all incoming and outgoing messages eliminates the need for administrative tasks dedicated to archiving. Our services comply with audit-proof archiving requirements, meaning that all messages cannot be altered once archived. They are stored in encrypted databases in secure, certified data centers.


Email Signature & Disclaimers

Simple WYSIWYG editor to design your email signature and preview the settings and configuration. Active Directory data can be automatically inserted into the signature, or disclaimers can be included. Easily remain in legal compliance with required banners and disclaimers on all outbound email. Additionally, our email signature and disclaimer service is optimized for mobile device display.

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