Microsoft 365 Total Protection

365 Total Protection offers a comprehensive security and compliance solution that includes email security, compliance, backup and security awareness

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Next-gen Microsoft security and compliance management to meet any businesses requirements

365 Total Protection offers the widest range of M365 security features in one package and in a single licenseIt was designed for M365 with seamless integration and is implemented in a unique hybrid approach that combines the best of both API and MX records-based security technologiesIt is powered by constantly evolving AI-based filters and detection mechanisms to stay ahead of cybercriminals. Save time, reduce admin workload, and get more ROI from your cybersecurity with our AI-powered email security solution and integrated features made for MSPs.

Comprehensive security and compliance

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Email Security

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Backup & Recovery

compliance & permission management

Compliance & Permission Management

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Security Awareness

AI recipient validation

AI Recipient Validation

Protect yourself from advanced cyberthreats

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Block advanced cyberthreats. AI-powered email security and cutting-edge data protection. 

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Ensure business continuity. Immediate security system for uninterrupted email communication and data recovery. 

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Protect Microsoft 365 data loss. Automated backup and recovery. 

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Avoid data leaks. Prevent misdirected emails with AI-based recipient validation.

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Take control of data sharing in M365 for a compliant and secure business. 

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Enhance company secure behavior. Fully automated security awareness training. 

Plans to meet every business’ needs




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