Our CSR commitments






Act every day for a cleaner and more sustainable future



Help create a more eco-responsible digital world



Develop a diverse, inclusive, and caring community of Vaders

Work daily to create a cleaner, more sustainable future

To minimize our environmental impact within our premises, we have implemented an effective waste management system aimed at reducing waste production at the source, recycling whenever possible. We encourage our employees to adopt eco-responsible practices in the office. 

Additionally, our headquarters is equipped with energy-efficient lighting systems, and our heating and air conditioning systems are optimized for minimal energy consumption

Also, we favor environmentally friendly suppliers and products, thereby supporting the sustainable supply chain

We understand the significant impact of business travel and commuting on our carbon footprint. This is why we actively encourage our employees to adopt more sustainable modes of transport, such as carpooling, cycling, public transport, or teleworking when possible. 

We invest in awareness programs to encourage our teams to make more environmentally friendly transportation choices and adopt more sustainable behaviors

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« Together, we are fully committed to reducing our carbon footprint »

Make our business more eco-responsible, ethical, and inclusive for all

As a producer of digital solutions, we are aware of our environmental and societal impact. This is why we prioritize our eco-responsibility and commitment to the following 3 areas: 

  • Daily best practices for our employees: We believe that change starts from within. We encourage our employees to adopt eco-responsible practices on a daily basis. This includes reducing their energy consumption, optimizing their use of our tools, and sustaining their awareness of our eco-responsibility. 
  • Ecodesign of our solutions: Ecodesign is at the heart of our approach. We conduct a comprehensive process of evaluating and raising awareness of the life cycle of our products to identify opportunities for optimizing and reducing our carbon footprint. We are actively working to design solutions that are more resource-efficient and sustainable, while ensuring an excellent user experience. 
  • Social impact and accessibility: In accordance with the general framework for improving accessibility (RGAA), the Vade teams strive to make our tools and platforms accessible to all. Inclusion is foundational to our work, and we are constantly seeking to improve the accessibility of our solutions. 
« We believe that digital technology can drive sustainable progress for the planet and society. Let’s make eco-responsibility a part of our daily lives »

Build and develop diverse, inclusive, and caring career paths

We emphasize our employees’ quality of life at work, aiming to create a framework favorable to their professional development and well-being

Diversity and inclusion are core aspects of our recruitment policy, with the objective of building diverse teams, a source of enrichment for our company

We also invest in the training and support of our employees to help them grow and progress in their careers. We believe that their personal development contributes to our collective success 

Finally, we are committed to raising awareness and training the community, sharing our cybersecurity expertise with external initiatives, and providing information, learning, and career opportunities. We emphasize the inclusion of women in this exciting industry

« Our desire is to contribute to education and integration with a community of committed Vaders »

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