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No business is too small to be a target. SMBs experienced more than twice the number of confirmed cyberattacks and data breaches as large enterprises in 2021. As an SMB, cybersecurity is vital to protecting your business and safeguarding your employees, customers, and partners.

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Protect your Microsoft 365 users from dynamic email threats

Microsoft 365 is the largest corporate target for cyberattacks. With an SMB’s most sensitive data hosted in OneDrive and SharePoint, a single Microsoft 365 credential provides cybercriminals with the ultimate payoff.

Vade for M365 is an AI-based threat detection and response solution that blocks sophisticated phishing, ransomware/malware, and spear phishing (business email compromise) attacks. Designed for SMBs of all sizes, it is integrated with Microsoft 365 via API, making it easy to use and invisible to hackers.

Block sophisticated Microsoft 365 attacks—without needing enterprise IT resources

Vade for M365 requires just a few steps to get started. With no migration or complex configuration necessary, it’s uniquely designed for SMB cybersecurity needs.

Key benefits of Vade for M365 for SMBs

  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Simple interface and one-click configuration
  • No MX changes or migrations
  • 64% catch-rate improvement over Microsoft
  • Low maintenance

Integrated features that grow with your business

Vade for M365 is equipped with integrated, no-cost features designed for maximum efficiency. Automated and easy to use, each is designed to meet SMB cybersecurity needs without being distracted by complex tools and maintenance.


User Awareness Training

Delivers automated, contextual training to course-correct when a user interacts with a malicious email.

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Threat Intel & Investigation

Offers SIEM integration and advanced threat investigation tools to conduct deep threat analysis.

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Continually scans mailboxes and automatically removes threats post-delivery.


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