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Vade - IsItPhishing

Get a real-time verdict on URLs and webpages

Is it a phishing email? IsItPhishing. AI scans URLs and webpages in real time to determine if it’s phishing. Vade’s filter engine uses artificial intelligence, including Machine Learning and Deep Learning, to scan URLs and webpages for malicious content.

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See the latest brand impersonation threats

IsItPhishing.AI features a phishing directory that updates, in real time, the latest phishing threats by brand. You can also watch a live phishing feed to see the most recent phishing emails captured by Vade.

Vade - latest brand impersonation threats
Vade - spot a pishing email

Can you spot a phishing email

Social engineering and sophisticated visual techniques can make phishing difficult to spot. Phishing IQ Test is a brief, interactive quiz that test your ability to recognize signs of phishing. Test yourself or send a test to your users to gauge their phishing awareness.

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