Vade Threat Coach™: Automated Phishing Training

Simulated phishing training is hypothetical, overly general, and detached from reality. For phishing training to be effective, it must be contextual and delivered when users need it most: when they’ve been phished.

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Train your users with real phishing emails and webpages

Unlike generic phishing training simulations created with templates, Vade Threat Coach™ features real phishing emails and webpages captured by Vade. If a user interacts with a phishing email, Vade Threat Coach™ alerts the user and delivers a short interactive quiz that evaluates their phishing awareness.

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Powered by AI, enhanced by user feedback

Vade Threat Coach™ is powered by Vade’s AI engine, which receives with a continual stream of threat intelligence from 1.4 billion protected mailboxes. Our AI analyzes phishing threats from around the world and delivers timely content to train users to recognize the latest phishing techniques.


Reinforcing phishing awareness at the moment of need

Routine phishing awareness training and scheduled simulations don’t leave a lasting impression. According to Verizon, in the hours after training, phishing click rates rise and reporting rates drop.

See how Vade Threat Coach™ delivers automated phishing awareness training when users need it most

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Let Vade Threat Coach™ do the work

A fully automated phishing training tool, Vade Threat Coach™ helps you protect your clients, without the resource-intensive work of creating phishing emails from templates.

Key benefits and features for MSPs

  • Fully automated: No manual set-up or administration by MSPs.
  • Complements existing phishing training platforms: Reinforces awareness.
  • Creates added value without added costs: Offer training as a managed service.

Key benefits and features for end clients

  • On the fly: Delivers training when a user engages with a phishing email.
  • Contextualized: Trains users with phishing samples contextualized by brand.
  • Dynamic content using real examples: Auto-generates real phishing emails.

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