Cybersecurity for ISPs, ESPs, and Telcos

Network congestion, unpredictable traffic surges, regulations, churn. The challenges facing service providers are indelible. Vade’s cybersecurity products and solutions for ISPs, ESPs, and telcos are uniquely designed for service providers, offering industry high catch rates, customizable agents, and REST API services.

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Block sophisticated email threats

With an average of 1.5 million phishing sites created each month, service providers are in an ongoing battle with cybercriminals. Blocking dynamic attacks requires moving beyond signature-based scanning and toward a behavioral approach to threat detection with Vade’s AI-based engine.

What ISPs, ESPs, and Telcos say about Vade

Discover the benefits of Vade for ISPs, ESPs, and telecoms

High-volume service providers require highly personalized support and services. Vade customers benefit from our professional services and technical support teams who work together to provide the highest levels of service to ISPs, ESPs, and telcos.


Personalized Account Services

Provides customized project consulting before, during, and after migration.


Technical Support

Includes 24/7 global technical support and continual maintenance, with SLA.

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Preventative Services

Monitors and manages the performance and maintenance of the content filter and tracks KPIs.

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24/7 Global Threat Center (SOC)

Using a follow-the-sun organization, Vade monitors global email threats, responds to reports, and continually updates the filter based on the latest threat intelligence.

Stop relying on vendor-release cycles and build your own MTA

Regain control over your MTA by creating a custom MTA designed to meet your unique business requirements. The Vade MTA Builder is a Golang-based, modular mail transfer agent builder that yields zero build and migration costs and a 5X reduction in run costs.
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Fully modular


Go-lang Based

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Development and Testing

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Highly Flexible


DevOps Ready

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Simplified Operations & Deployment

Products for ISPs, ESPs, and Telcos


Email Content Filter

Email content filtering for ISPs, ESPs, and telcos.

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Vade MTA Builder

Highly flexible, modular mail transfer agent for high volume ISPs and ESPs.

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IsItPhishing Threat Detection

REST API phishing detection for midsized and enterprise SOCs.

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