Permissions Management for Microsoft 365

Make it easy to manage your governance, risk and compliance with 365 Permission Manager. Reduce complexity and take back control of all data shared in Microsoft 365.


Simple control over data sharing

Preventing data leakage and maintaining your compliance requirements becomes easy when leveraging the power of our simplified 365 Permissions Manager capabilities.

  • Permissions management for Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint
  • Manage all M365 permissions in one place 
  • Assign out-of-the box best practice or custom-made sharing policies
  • Dashboard reporting of policy adherence 
  • Automatically fix policy violations  
  • Employees actively participate in auditing process 
  • Receive alerts for critical shares  

Compliancy health and data control at a glance

Easily see if Teams, OneDrive, or SharePoint has non-compliant data sharing or risky permissions enabled in a simple dashboard. Our 365 Permissions Manager displays simplified charts for compliancy health, a violation trends overview, and offers details of audited sites to assist in your governance, risk, and compliance management. 

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Key Benefits

The easy way to manage M365 permissions

A CISO-ready reporting dashboard is just the beginning when it comes to our M365 Permissions Manager. Reduce your operational costs and decrease the risk of data leaks with this easy to implement tool. 


Full Clarity

Microsoft permissions are no longer a black box


Granular Control

Get as granular with permissions control as you need 


Avoid Data Leaks

Take back control over M365 data sharing and elevate your compliance