Anti-phishing solution for targeted attacks

Vade’s anti-phishing solution uses machine learning algorithms to perform real-time behavioral analysis of the entire email, identifying obfuscation techniques that bypass signature-based technologies.

Solution Brief

AI-based phishing protection

Outdated signature- and reputation-based filtering overlook sophisticated phishing techniques designed to hide malicious intent, including:

  • Obfuscated URLs
  • Remotely hosted images
  • URL redirections
  • Display name spoofing
  • Cousin domains
  • Manipulated logos
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Vade’s Anti-Phishing Solution uses artificial intelligence, including machine learning, to perform
real-time behavioral analysis of the origin, content, and context of the email and webpage.

Machine Learning

Analyzes 47 features of email and webpages.

Mobile Rendering

Explores pages across 40 device/browser combinations.

Computer Vision

Analyzes images, logos, remote images and QR codes.

Feedback Loop

User feedback from 1 billion mailboxes continually trains AI.

Regional Page Exploration

Explores webpages across four geographic regions.

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Auto- and one-click phishing
incident response.

Anti-Phishing Tools

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Powerful anti-phishing protection for ISPs, telcos, and email service providers.

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Vade for M365

Phishing detection and incident response for Microsoft 365.

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IsItPhishing Threat Detection

REST API phishing detection for midsized and enterprise SOCs.

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