Anti-phishing solution for targeted attacks

Vade’s anti-phishing solution uses machine learning algorithms to perform real-time behavioral analysis of the entire email, identifying obfuscation techniques that bypass signature-based technologies.

Solution Brief

AI-based phishing protection

Outdated signature- and reputation-based anti-phishing software overlooks sophisticated phishing techniques designed to hide malicious intent, including:

  • Obfuscated URLs
  • Remotely hosted images
  • URL redirections
  • Display name spoofing
  • Cousin domains
  • Manipulated logos
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Vade’s Anti-Phishing Solution uses artificial intelligence, including machine learning, to perform
real-time behavioral analysis of the origin, content, and context of phishing emails and webpages.

Machine Learning

Analyzes 47 features of phishing emails and webpages.

Mobile Rendering

Explores pages across 40 device/browser combinations.

Computer Vision

Analyzes images, logos, remote images and QR codes.

Feedback Loop

User feedback from 1 billion mailboxes continually trains AI.

Regional Page Exploration

Explores webpages across four geographic regions.

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Auto- and one-click phishing
incident response.

Anti-Phishing Tools

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Powerful anti-phishing protection for ISPs, telcos, and email service providers.

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Vade for M365

Phishing detection and incident response for Microsoft 365.

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IsItPhishing Threat Detection

REST API phishing detection for midsized and enterprise SOCs.

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