Anti-Phishing Solution

The days of generic, mass phishing waves have given over to highly targeted, low-volume phishing attacks that bypass reputation and signature-based email filters. Vade Secure’s Anti-Phishing Solution performs real-time behavioral analysis on the entire email to detect and block phishing attacks—both at the time of delivery and at the time of click, protecting MSPs and their clients from unknown attacks.

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The Typology of Phishing Attacks

1.4 billion phishing URLs blocked in 2018

Phishing emails are designed to look like they were sent from familiar brands such as banks or cloud services like Netflix, Dropbox or Microsoft Office 365. After clicking on a phishing link, victims are directed to replica webpages where they are instructed to change or update a password or update personally identifiable or financial information. The average user is totally unaware that they’ve been phished until the business recognizes the breach.

AI-based Phishing Protection

Traditional email filters are designed to identify known threats—which has prompted phishers to use a variety of obfuscation techniques to successfully bypass these products. Vade Secure’s Anti-Phishing Solution uses artificial intelligence, including machine learning, to perform real-time behavioral analysis of the origin, content, and context of the email.