Intelligent Email Filter for ISPs, ESPs, and Telcos

Service providers are in an ongoing battle with cybercriminals. Discover why the world’s largest ISPs, ESPs, and telcos choose Vade’s AI-based email filter to protect their mailboxes.

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Email content filter
Vade protects 1 billion mailboxes worldwide

Vade protects 1.4 billion
mailboxes worldwide

Email Filtering enhanced by artificial and human intelligence

Vade’s email filter processes 100 billion emails per day from 1.4 billion protected mailboxes. This unparalleled global email database feeds our AI engine and continually fine-tunes the filter to adapt to the latest email threats and filter-bypassing techniques.

Email Filter Key Features

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Analyzes emails, webpages, attachments, and images with machine learning and deep learning algorithms.


Heuristics-based Behavioral Analysis

Performs behavioral analysis of emails, webpages, and attachments based on heuristic rules.


Attachment analysis

Conducts a behavioural examination of the email message and the attachments, scanning for malicious links and examining PDFs, Microsoft Office Documents and zip files.


Feedback Loop

The email filter processes user reports into actionable feedback for the AI engine.



Vade's advanced anti-phishing service feeds the AI engine and provides the R&D and SOC teams with the latest threat data to fine-tune the email filter.


Multiple integration options

Available as a REST API service that can easily be integrated into your email platform.

Discover the Intelligent Email Filter for Service Providers

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Why Vade

Comprehensive protection against dynamic email threats

Vade’s core filter engine combines local and global analysis to classify emails. Explore our solutions to learn how Vade blocks dynamic email threats.

Professional Services and Support


Personalized Account Services

Get customized project consulting before, during, and after migration and implementation to ensure the AI email filter is adapted to your unique email environment and operates at peak performance.


24/7 Global Threat Center (SOC)

Using a follow-the-sun organization, Vade monitors global email threats, responds to reports, and continually updates the email filter based on the latest threat intelligence detected by and reported to Vade.

Preventative Service

Preventative Service

Vade’s preventative service monitors and manages the performance and maintenance of the email filter while tracking KPIs.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Get 24/7 global technical support and continual maintenance, with SLA.

Customer Success Story

SMX's success story
Discover how SMX improved phishing catch rates and evolved their product line by partnering with Vade

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