Collaborative Email Security for Microsoft 365

Microsoft is the #1 corporate target for cyberattacks, but EOP is obsolete and Defender for Office 365 is not enough to fend off attacks. With constantly emerging threats and a web of complex solutions that cost MSPs time and money, MSPs need an email security solution that is built to meet their demands.


Powered by AI, enhanced by people, made for MSPs

Vade for M365 is powered by a collaborative AI engine that continuously learns from an alliance of more than 1.4 billion protected mailboxes, millions of daily user reports, and a team of cybersecurity analysts. Combining AI-powered email security and integrated features that are made for MSPs, you’ll save time, reduce admin workload, and get more ROI from cybersecurity.

What MSPs say about Vade for M365

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Protect your clients—and your business—from Microsoft 365 email security threats

Advanced email security threats like zero-day phishing and ransomware are known to bypass Microsoft, putting your clients and your business at risk. Vade for M365 analyzes email and webpages with AI algorithms that analyze both content and context—no matter the language. And our alliance of user intelligence provides a powerful feedback loop that feeds the AI engine with threat intel from around the globe.


Machine Learning and Computer Vision algorithms perform behavioral, contextual, and visual analysis of emails and webpages to identify phishing attacks.

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Predictive algorithms and heuristic analysis examine both behaviors and code, identifying malware and ransomware in email, attachments, and hosted files.

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Anti-Spear Phishing

Anomaly Detection and Natural Language Processing algorithms identify impersonation attempts and malicious patterns in spear-phishing emails.

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Graymail Classification

Low-priority emails like social media and app notifications clog user inboxes and hamper productivity. Vade sorts low-priority emails into graymail folders to keep inboxes clean and users focused.

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Maximal email security for clients, minimal effort for MSPs

Managing email security for a range of clients is time-consuming and complex, squeezing MSP margins. Vade for M365 provides integrated, low-touch features in a single platform that is scalable and easy to use and manage.

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Incident Response

Triage and remediate active threats and user-reported emails across all your clients' tenants.

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Auto Remediation

Continually scans mailboxes for new email threats and automatically removes them from user inboxes.

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Awareness Training

Delivers automated, contextual phishing training when a user interacts with a phishing email.

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Threat Intel & Investigation

Triage and remediate user-reported emails, deconstruct files, and inject live logs into any SIEM/SOAR/XDR.

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Native Splunk Integration

Export your Vade for M365 email logs to Splunk without writing a single line of code.

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Praise for M365 

Easy to use and manage, made for MSPs

Vade for M365 is purpose-built for busy MSPs who want to spend less time on complex, time-consuming tools and more time focusing on revenue-generating activities.


Cross-tenant incident response


Integrated with M365

Rapid deployment

No MX changes


Built to scale for MSPs


Flexible licensing

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