Fortify Microsoft 365

With 258 million corporate users, Microsoft 365 is the #1 target for cyberattacks. Discover why MSPs choose Vade for Microsoft 365 threat protection, user awareness training, and incident response.

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Predictive AI technology with unmatched threat intelligence

With over 100 billion emails scanned per day, our AI engine continually learns from the latest Microsoft 365 email threats and decimates dynamic phishing, ransomware, and spear phishing attacks.


In an analysis of 23,000 mailboxes, Vade for M365 had a 64% catch-rate improvement over Exchange Online Protection (EOP).

Why Vade

Decimate Microsoft 365 email threats with self-learning AI technology


Block dynamic phishing attacks at the time of delivery.

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Block hard-to-detect polymorphic and zero-day malware attacks.

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Anti-Spear phishing

Block targeted spear phishing & business email compromise attacks.

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Vade for M365

Easy to manage, bundle, and sell. Watch a guided tour of the product and learn why MSPs choose Vade for M365 for their managed security offering.

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Integrated features, purpose-built for MSPs

Vade for M365 offers high-value, low-touch features that empower our partners to create a cybersecurity offering that is easy to bundle, sell, and manage.


MSP Response

Remediate email threats across tenants and manage your clients' cybersecurity from a central location.


Continually scans mailboxes and automatically removes email threats post-delivery.


Threat Coach

Delivers automated, contextual training to course-correct when a user interacts with a malicious email.

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API-based architecture provides invisibility and simplicity

Our API integration means that you won’t have to change your clients’ MX records, and we’re invisible to hackers—simplicity for MSPs and protection against reverse engineering.   

Solution brief

Vade for M365
Block dynamic Microsoft email threats, deliver automated user awareness training, and respond to cybersecurity incidents with our AI-based solution for Microsoft 365.

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Key benefits of Vade for M365

Vade for M365 is ideal for busy MSPs who want to spend less time administering and more time focusing on their business.




Deploys in minutes

Layers with EOP

Set-it-and-forget-it configuration


No MX record change


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Why sell Vade for M365 ?

Our partners are the core of our business. Together, we’ve built a partner ecosystem with thousands of partners who are growing their businesses with Vade for M365.



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