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Email Security for Office 365
Complete Office 365 security
with AI-Based Predictive Email Defense

Because of its dominant share of the cloud email market,
Office 365 is an irresistible target for cybercriminals.
With just one email attack, they can penetrate the entire Office 365
suite along with other corporate systems and data,
wreaking significant financial and reputational damage.

The key to protecting your Office 365 environment is by taking
a layered security approach.
While Office 365’s native security features catch
most mass spam waves and known threats,
they don’t provide sufficient protection against
advanced phishing and spear phishing attacks,
as well as unknown, polymorphic malware.

Learn more about Office 365 threats, and how to stop them.

Native, Fully Integrated Solution for Office 365 to protect your emails

Vade Secure for Office 365 is the only email filtering solution that is fully integrated into Office 365, offering a native user experience and best-in-class protection powered by artificial intelligence.

Unlike cloud email security products that require you to update your MX record, reroute your email flow, and ultimately disable Office 365 security features, Vade Secure integrates seamlessly with Office 365 via an API-based architecture, with no disruption to your email flow. The solution performs passive analysis on a copy of each message, taking action in real time based on the verdict from its filtering engine. As a result, you’re able to augment Office 365 security features like EOP, rather than displace them.

  • Instant Deployment – Get up and running in just a few clicks, with no MX record changes. Simply authorize Vade Secure to access your email flow and configure your filtering policies.
  • Native User Experience – Vade Secure for Office 365 is fully transparent, allowing end users to continue using the familiar Office 365 interface, without a separate quarantine.
  • Insider Threat Protection – Vade Secure scans your entire email flow, including internal messages, to protect against attacks originating within the organization.
  • Scalability and Security –  Because Vade Secure for Office 365 is hosted on Microsoft Azure, you’ll benefit from the cloud platform’s scalability and added security capabilities.

Predictive Defense on Office 365 Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Vase Secure for Office 365 blocks advanced attacks from the first email thanks to machine learning models that perform real-time behavioral analysis of the entire email, including any URLs and attachments.

  • Real-time, Time-of-Click Anti-Phishing – Vade Secure crawls the URL and page in real time, following any redirections in order to determine whether the final page is fraudulent. We analyze both the content and context of the URL/page—when the message is received and any time a user clicks.
  • Banner-Based Anti-Spear PhishingVade Secure builds an anonymous profile that establishes normal communication patterns for your employees. Upon detecting anomalies, such as spoofing attempts using cousin domains, a customizable banner is displayed within the email alerting the user.
  • Behavioral-Based Anti-Malware – Going beyond scanning attachments, algorithms perform comprehensive analysis of the origin, content, and context of emails and attachments to identify unknown, polymorphic malware.

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Loved by Office 365 admins and users

Vade Secure for Office 365 eliminates the complexity of traditional email security products, providing a better experience for both admins and end users.

Easy Deployment & Management for Admins

  • Get up and running with just a few clicks, no MX record changes required
  • Get alerts when users click on malicious links even after they’ve been warned
  • Gain visibility into blocked threats with dashboards and reports

Intuitive, Efficient User Experience for End Users

  • Continue using the familiar Outlook interface, no separate quarantine required
  • Know you’re safe with customized spear phishing warning banners and phishing detection URLs
  • Focus on your important emails with automatic classification of low priority messages, as well as one-click safe unsubscribe from unwanted communications

Information flows are safeguarded and protected in the Cloud. Vade Secure for Office 365 guarantees, among other things, high availability of your email system (SLA 99.99% – 24/7; GTR 2H; support with guaranteed response in 1 hour) and 5 days of SMTP retention in the case of network cuts.

Premium 24/7 support
All Vade Secure users benefit from the same premium service level with 24/7 availability of our experts by telephone, web and email.

Start protecting your Office 365 users and
experience the benefits for yourself.