Zero-Trust Browser Security with Vade Remote Browser Isolation

Email is the top attack vector, but malicious webpages and malware often lurk beyond the mailbox. With work happening entirely online, businesses need seamless protection that follows users from inbox to browser on any device, all without sacrificing productivity, privacy, or ease of use.

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Secure your users wherever work gets done

Available with Vade for M365, Vade Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) offers robust threat protection from mailbox to web browser. Combining Vade’s AI-powered phishing protection with instant deployment in a secure sandboxed environment, your users can visit potentially malicious websites safely and securely from their desktop, tablet, or mobile device without having to install any new software.

Take the risk out of malicious webpages

The Internet is a haven for cyberthreats, and phishing emails are the lure. Vade RBI protects users from attacks that originate in the mailbox by automatically launching a secure and isolated browsing session via remote server. The solution secures users on laptop and mobile devices from any malicious threat—known or unknown.


Robust Security

Protect mobile and desktop users from web-based attacks originating from email—including zero-day phishing campaigns, malware threats, and other exploits.


Low-Touch Administration

Instantly extend and automate threat protection wherever an email link takes users—no admin intervention needed.


Enhanced Privacy

Prevent users from divulging sensitive information to stop data exfiltration and ensure regulatory compliance.

Optimal user experience

Unlike other RBI solutions, our fast pixel rendering technology offers the protection of remote browsing with the experience of surfing on a local machine.

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Threat protection that goes beyond email

Protecting against multiphased attacks can seem challenging and beyond your control. Vade RBI offers layered threat protection beyond the mailbox to browser, offering you peace of mind from the threats lurking online and allowing you to focus on where you excel—running your business.

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Secure Browsing

Automatically and instantly launch a secure container that protects every risky email-to-web browsing session—on any device.


Fast Pixel Rendering

Virtualize browsing sessions in real-time with little-to-no latency.


Malicious Content Protection

Block incoming threats and compromising user activity—no more harmful links, downloads, credential harvesting, or data leakage.


Automated Data Privacy Protection

Neutralize the threat of data exfiltration and non-compliance with regulatory laws—automatically and seamlessly.


Simplified Network Security

Automate whitelisting and blacklisting using Vade’s global threat intelligence network, get continual updates applied automatically, and easily customize lists on-the-fly.

Threat protection that travels with you

Vade RBI is made for businesses who need advanced protection that extends beyond the mailbox to the web—without the complexity, cost, or commitment of other solutions.


Secure and fluid access


Integrated with M365

Rapid deployment


User satisfaction


Everywhere, for everyone


Low-touch administration

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